Providing the power to be constantly connected on Facebook entails constant innovation. Facebook makes it easier to connect with brands and also indulge in a host of other activities.This also makes it easier for advertisers to engage with users based on the audience’s specific interests. Check out the reasons why 92% of people prefer to advertise on Facebook.

1. How Facebook helps to buy products:

Just like a movie trailer, advertisements on Facebook act like a teaser and can be even more effective than  TVCs.Brand owners are committed to provide the best experience for the audience who are choosing to buy products from Facebook and trusting the platform. But, one question arises: how to be sure about a brand’s Facebook page? One of the best ways is through Facebook Commerce Intellectual Property Search program (CIPS), which permits the owner to register their brand with Facebook. This whole process will be beta tested initially by certain partners, which allows the buyers to search and report sale posts.

2. People research on Facebook before BUYING:

Usually, people search for the company on Facebook before making any buying decision from any local small business, because it is one of the most active social channels. Below are the things that buyers look out for before making a purchase decision:

• More than 70% of people trust the active user reviews on the brand’s Facebook page.
• Ratings play a vital role in making a purchase decision. Better rating lead to better conversions.
Facebook Ads affect the customers’ purchase decision. Discounts and other promotional offers can further help the audience to purchase online.
• The engagement level for restaurants is highest for restaurants.

3. Wide Target audience:

The beauty of Facebook advertisement is that you can select your own preferred audience right from businessmen to direct consumers, from teachers to doctors and much more. Run the ad, select the target audience and let Facebook do the work. Facebooks allows for complete customization according to the language, location, interests, demographic set of the target audience.

4. New leads, new customers:

Once you start getting ad conversions, you can get more through “lookalike audiences” where one can customize the audience according to their target audience and then Facebook will start its work and will start finding new leads for your brand. One can also define the targeting and size of the audience to convert them into potential buyers.


5. Call buttons are important:

Facebook is the most engaging social networking site with billions of users. Majority of the users’ access Facebook through mobile devices, which makes it a viable option to advertise on Facebook mobile. Turning that opportunity into a potential target is the main game and you can do that through “call now” button on Facebook. These can be more valuable than website clicks. Just imagine a Facebook user scrolling, seeing an ad and clicking on the call now button at the same time. The lead is converted in no time!
Fold your sleeves and get active on Facebook.

Now you must be clear with the pros of advertising on Facebook which helps to increase your brand reach online. But just posting on Facebook is not the only thing. There are many more aspects for which you will need to plan a strategy. You will need to strategize a social media plan and keep updating it based on the analytics. For all this, you might need the help of a digital agency who knows all the tactics on how to use Facebook to increase business growth. If you are searching a digital agency in Delhi you can go through this link and contact.