Thanks to the penetration of digital, the beauty industry is opening up to new ways to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Customer relationships no longer hinge on breakthrough products, as customer experience (CX) is now the new front line in the battle of beauty brands. Each interaction and touch point determines the way a brand will pan out eventually. How exactly is digital transforming customer experience and satisfaction? Let’s discuss.

An Omni-channel approach:

The millennial consumers are channel-savvy. They don’t mind switching between channels within a day to interact with the brand. Now beauty brands are increasingly relying on a digital marketing agency to implement an Omni-channel approach for customer targeting, and vertical synchronization. The focus is on integrating multi-channel functionalities like ‘Click and Collect’, ‘Buy at an E-commerce Store and Make Easy Returns across Offline Stores’, and more.

Demand-driven new products:

While “fast-fashion” clothing brands were quick to leverage digital for determining product lines, the beauty industry has awakened to it just lately. Nonetheless, now some of the top brands are gathering data from various touch points (apps, social, e-commerce outlets, and more) and analyzing it to unleash new product lines accordingly. The ploy is apparently working well, as these demand-driven products are striking a chord with the everyday customer. The emphasis is also on creating personalized content to increase the order size significantly.

Interactive Customer Experiences:

Despite the exponential growth in online sales, offline stores are still relevant, attracting a significant percentage of sales. That suggests a merger of online and offline shopping outlets to create interactive customer experiences to attract and retain buyers. With digital marketing agency on an inventive-overdrive, you can expect digital displays in your nearby beauty outlet.

Shiseido, a top Japanese beauty brand has installed cosmetic mirrors across its stores. These mirrors scan the buyer’s face and suggest makeup tips accordingly via a virtual preview in real time. Resultantly, the buyer is likely to make on the spot decisions confidently. Likewise, IMAN Cosmetics has come up with an app based on colour-matching technology. Here, the buyer’s lip, eye, hair and skin colour is analyzed and makeup suggestions provided instantly.

Intuitive Web experience:

Websites are the buyer’s entryway into a brand. The beauty industry has understood the fact well enough to design intuitive customer experiences. Take for instance L’Oreal Paris. The beauty brand has in place a high calibre website that populates a list of relevant products and related information based on the information entered by the user.