Business owners, advertisers and marketers always watch out for the trendy ways to boost the Internet traffic for their brand and improve lead generation to take it to newer heights. Social media undoubtedly plays a great role in it. Thus, we mention here five top social media trends in 2019 that you can watch out to connect better with your customers.

1. Personal Branding:
The addition of the human element is becoming of higher importance when it comes to promoting a brand on social media. Customers can relate more to a human face than a concrete structure. Personal branding has been picking up because people trust other people and become more loyal to a brand that is promoted by its leaders. With this emerging trend, you will see that brands are getting more involved in strategies like guest blogging and webinar appearances.

2. Videos and Live Streams:

More of explainer and interactive videos have been helping marketers to make their customers aware of their offerings in simpler, clearer ways. As people learn more about their products and connect with brand representatives, the traffic may boost manifold. It is linked to personal branding, as the human element shows a major presence in videos and live streams.

3. Post Boosting:

Facebook and Instagram posts have high visibility among fans. A little investment in boosting posts and brand pages, as well as in well-curated social media advertisements, can go a long way in 2019.

4. Targeted Marketing:

It is important to love your audience, and thus, personalized marketing adds a lot to their loyalty towards your brand. It is a fast-growing trend to customize the marketing campaigns and advertisements for all prospects, after performing data-based research on the target market on social media.

5. Working with Influencers:

A dominant 2019 trend is to work with social media influencers and micro-influencers. Building a relationship with these influencers and weaving marketing strategies around them is an efficient way to spread the brand presence on all types of social media.

Although these trends may favour a variety of brands, it is not guaranteed that every single business will benefit from them. All businesses have their personalized needs of marketing and promotion, which may not always become general trends. Thus, keep a watch on these trends and mould them the way they can add to your marketing efforts.