Do you wish to know what this page is all about when it comes to SEO blogging? SEO article writing is a crucial part of online advertising. Why? Everyday millions of people use the Internet to find products or services. 90% of these people click on links available on the very first page and don’t even bother to look further thus making businesses put their sites on the first page to get more traffic. It makes a website easily found on search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, Explorer and Yahoo. Use these 4 time tested advanced techniques to reach a wider audience.

Why keywords remain the top mantra?

When someone types in certain keywords associated with a company’s website, SEO makes sure that the company’s website will come up on the first page of the search result or may be even on the top 10. As you understand the techniques, high-ranking pages become easier to see online. Even if larger search engines do not reveal how the algorithm works, there is enough evidence to see how keywords are ranked. It is the most basic form of SEO no matter how advanced we get. But now the tricky part is to have the keywords installed in strategic places and not all over the page for a good ranking potential.

Know more about Term frequency-Inverse document frequency

Long tail keywords as we all know are placed to help the primary keywords to be recognized. The TF-IDF works on the principle that the longer phrase makes the content more authentic. For example, keyword ‘children photos’ is more unique than simply ‘photos’. This is an advanced concept for on-page optimization.

Focus on common variations and synonyms

At any point of time there are millions of searches being made on Google or a little less on other search engines. According to Google 70% of searches lead to synonyms role play in getting a page up there, to be ranked higher. To explain, a user can type in the search box-children pics, or kids pictures, or photos of children. But if it is children images then the search varies a little. While doing seo, the marketing team needs to use natural language rather than stick to generic keywords repeatedly. Using variants offer unique semantic meaning.

Choice of Page segmentation from cell phone point of view

A single web page has several sections like footer, headers, sidebars etc. If the content is located in the right section it works to the advantage. If the keywords and the main text is in the main body of the text it is more useful and will bring better results. If it is in the sidebar it may be that valued. This becomes important as many users are making searches on the cell phones today as much as the web. Some portions of the page remain hidden hence the middle of the text is important.

Likewise co occurring phrases for indexing also is an important advanced technique to get relevant data to the right audience.