Content marketing has evolved over a period of time. Now it is not just about simply writing a blog and believing that your work is done. A blog must be informative with proper keyword placement as it boosts the ranking of a website. The quality of the blog matters a lot when it comes to content marketing.

Content is king and plays a vital role in pulling maximum website traffic. There are numerous types of content and that too in different formats like live streams, videos, and podcasts. But nothing can beat a well-written blog. According to studies, 44% of B2B marketers believe that blog posts are the most effective way of content marketing for online sale processes.

Timely evaluation of blog results is important in understanding whether your content marketing is moving in the right direction. If your numbers are not going in the right direction then it may be time to re-strategize. If you want to create a mind-blowing blogging platform or even use content to boost your website’s SEO, then there are some tips that you must consider about blog writing.

1. Excessive Promotion of the Company can go wrong: Writing excessively about the company and trying to promote themselves through blogs is not a good idea. Rather it must be more informative about the services or the field in which you belong to. Blog posting can go in the wrong direction when the sole motive becomes to tell the world how great the company is. Through a blog, a company can show their expertise and how they are different from others. You can also indulge in informative and well-written content related to your industry to pull a specific audience to your website.

2. Solution Provider: Make your blogs so efficient that it tends to solve the audience’s problems. Blogs are one of the only places where you can give brief knowledge about the products, services and other things that you deal in. Being entertaining is good but being useful/informative can take your company to the next level. If your blog can solve the audience’s problems then you will attract more traffic to your website. Doing the same can help them remember your brand in the future and to become the most engaging follower of your work.

3. Give Thorough information: Blog is that one platform where you can play with words freely – you don’t have to be specific and crisp like in the case of advertisements and social media. Take time when it comes to writing a blog and research about the topic before writing. Quality is what readers seek while reading a blog. An ideal blog should be of 600-1000 words. Keep writing and posting about the trending topics of your brand’s niche in order to keep your users engaged.

6 Tips for a creating an engaging blog

4. Stick to a Schedule: Maintaining a blog is very important and timely blog posting helps you to get and maintain a high level of traffic. It is easy to start a blog but tough to maintain it. Even if you write the most amazing content but don’t post regularly you will see a drop in the traffic. The minimum time period of blog posting is 4 blogs in a month. Content marketing when done regularly can work wonders for your brand. And remember to write about the trending topics only because a reader doesn’t want to go through the same mundane information again and again.

5. Attractive Headline: The first impression is the last impression! And the same goes for the headlines of the blog. Make it crisp and descriptive so that the audience gets it in the first go and it urges them to read the blog. Even for the headlines, you must follow a strategy – write short and crisp lines to interest them in the full article. It is more like a promise that what you are showing in the headline will be followed up in detail on the blog.

6. Include Call-to-Action: In the end, you are writing the blog to increase your brand’s sale and traffic on the website. But how can a blog help in that? A call-to-action at the end or in the middle of the blog can drive sales and increase the traffic on your website. There are possibilities that a person gets so impressed with the information that they want to explore more about your brand and click on the links that you have integrated into your blog. Encourage the users to subscribe to your blogs and achieve more with the help of call-to-action.

Keep all these tips in mind while writing a blog and watch your sales and website traffic grow. And if you are unaware of blogging/content marketing, then a Digital Agency can help you with that. To get top-notch blogs/content marketing done for your website get in touch with us at 011 4608 3152 or send an Email at

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