There’s no denying that digital marketing is very important for your business today. To survive the competition, most of the companies have resorted to internet marketing and are projecting their goods and services online. Brands and local businesses are understanding the importance of including localized search engine optimization and Google Maps in their digital marketing efforts. Today, with the advent of Google Pigeon for updates on local search algorithm, businesses with local listings are getting priority during searches and are achieving higher ranks too. Every search done on Google shows results based on user’s location and listings available in the respective local directory.

9 practices for implementing Google Maps and local SEO marketing strategies to your business

With benefits like increased visibility on the web and consequently higher number of potential customers on your website, you would surely want to include local search engine optimization and Google Maps marketing strategies in your overall digital marketing strategy. Read on to find out 9 best practices for the same:

List a physical address

Recently, Google reported a rise in queries that contain a location qualifier such as “near me”. So, your business must have a physical address to rank in the Google Maps listings. Also, having an address helps in mitigating the search engine factor for localized search engine optimization.

Set up a Google My Business account

Set up a Google My Business account. It definitely plays an important role in the success of local search engine optimization and Google Maps marketing. The account offers an easy and convenient way to create and edit listings for your business. Provide correct details about your business for creating the account and choose a proper category to list your business. You can also add pictures of your office which allows users to explore your physical space online.

NAP for your business should be consistent

NAP details or Name, Address, and Phone number of your company should be consistent in directories, third-party websites, and social media pages. This practice determines the legitimacy and trustworthiness of your business.

9 Ways to Leverage Local SEO and Google Maps for Your Business

Have multiple pages in your website

Your business must be dealing with a set of products or services. Having separate pages for each will help in easy optimization of the pages as well as for the website as a whole. If this sounds like a cumbersome task, then you should opt for digital agency services and consult with experts on the keywords strategy you should use for each page.

Do correct citations

You can do many citations of your website all across the web. However, you must ensure that NAP and other details about your business make sense. Ensure that you do not make any duplicate listings. Try to mention your business only on websites and pages that are relevant to your business.

Generate reviews

Make it a positive habit of asking your customers to leave their valuable reviews and testimonials about your business. These help in the ranking of the page as well as in building a trust factor with your potential clients.

Embed Google Maps

Embed Google Maps on the Contact Us page of your site. This will definitely boost the search engine optimization value of your business website. This also gives Google an opportunity to see what kind of a business it is so that it can list your business at the time of a local search.

Ensure better experience with your website and blog

The experience of using your website on a desktop as well as on mobile should be fantastic. This will also help in attracting the right people to your website and will reduce bounce rates.

Establish your brand

Google services prefer websites of businesses that are already popular on the web. So, spend some time in building your brand and making your business popular before entering the realm of local SEO and Google Maps marketing.

Now, you know almost everything that can be done to leverage local SEO and Google Maps for your business. You can definitely consult with an experienced digital marketing expert from a reputed company offering good quality digital marketing services to help you at every step.

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