Animated videos are the new interest zone in a rapidly evolving digital space. With video consumption on the rise, digital marketers rely on animated videos to upsurge traffic inflow and conversion rates. Here’s your rundown on how to create a compelling animated video.

It All Starts With a Script:

The animated videos work best for getting the word out on your product/service or explaining a procedure. In either case, it all starts with a script. The script needs to be authentic, research-based, engaging and narrative-driven, reflecting your brand value and the idea you wish to convey. As shorter videos generate maximum engagement, it makes sense to limit the video duration to 2 minutes. Note that, one minute of voiceover recording corresponds to 150 words of text. That means you’ll be writing about a 350-word script for a 2-minute animation video.

Take It To The Storyboard:

Upon finalizing the script, it’s time to focus on the graphic design. It’s a key aspect of animated video production, transforming your script into a living reality. Characters, settings and plot, every detail should be illustrated by the graphic design in line with the script. Going cheap here means compromising both, the video quality and your brand image. Avoid flashy and cluttered graphics, as they might not gel with the script. The graphics shouldn’t be overly simple either.

Give It a Voice:

A voiceover will be required to narrate your story from start to finish. That calls for determining the kind of voiceover best suited to the video’s theme, and your target audience. For a B2B audience, prefer a serious voiceover. On the other hand, a friendly and relatable voiceover should be prioritized for B2C audiences. Ensure the voiceover’s nationality is that of your target audience to make it more palatable to them. The same goes for background music as well. The background score should accentuate the message and the video experience alike.

Finally, Animate it:

Scripting, graphic design and voiceover – all the animated video production work done so far culminate into animation. The animation is all about threading together pictures and manipulating them to appear as moving images. The animation work has to be prim and proper to create an illusion and keep it intact for the entire video duration. To this end, attention to detail is required. The background score, voiceover and imagery should all be in sync.

However, if you find animated video production too hot to handle, better leave it to experts.