Social media marketing is crucial yet hard to pull off. The social space is rapidly proliferated by new platforms and technologies. The proliferation impacts both, the way brands get the word out and the way audiences respond to it. Marketers, therefore, have a daunting task of identifying changes, implementing result-driven campaigns and evaluating how campaigns pan out.

Here’re a few proven social tools to help you make the most of social, quickly and affordably.

Lead Generation tools:
Lead generation tools are all the rage these days. Your social media agency might be using one to drive and optimize customer engagement. These social intelligence tools help upsurge website traffic and realize better conversions and sales. Data collection is central to these tools. They keep you current on visitors visiting your website and any contact info they leave behind. That makes visitor follow-up easy and quick. Your best options include Hunter, AUDIENSE, OPTINMONSTER, TWEEPI, SKRAPP,, and more.

Security Tools:
Let’s face it. Social accounts are vulnerable to attacks. When attacks happen, your personal and business information is compromised. Here, social security tools like Zero FOX, Last Pass, Hootsuite, Tweet Reach, If This Then That, Board Reader, Tweet Deck, and more kick in. They monitor your social accounts to hedge against any targeted phishing attacks. Plus, fighting frauds, preventing account impersonation and warding off scams are also possible with these tools. Some security tools are platform-specific while others work well across platforms.

Analytical Tools:
Getting inside the minds of the audience is hard. Analytical tools come in handy here. The tools are designed to monitor and analyze your social campaigns. Their core competency is to gather the performance data provided by social platforms and make sense of it with data visualization techniques. Once you get the measure of your social campaign, it’s easy to revisit and re-optimize your strategies for better marketing gains. Your options are vast, including, but not limited to, Hootsuite, REPUTOLOGY, Brand Mentions, MELTWATER, Brand Watch and Net Base.

Content Creation Tools:
Content is the lifeblood of social media marketing. That said the social media agency often finds it challenging to create content that engages and converts. An ideal way out for content related woes can be content creation tools. Whether you wish to create infographics and video-based or textual content, podcasts, webinars and Chatbots, these tools keep you covered. Movable Ink, HUBSPOT, BEE and GetResponse are your best bet for email marketing content. For video content, you can rely on RawShorts, Magisto and SlideShare.