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Assumingly, you and your competitor respond to a common RFP. When you both fare evenly on quality, price, experience, credentials and other decision factors, how will you edge out the competition to end up with the contract? The answer is simple, BRAND CAMPAIGN. For those uninitiated, the brand campaign is all about developing brand awareness by incorporating the right means of communication in the overall marketing mix. The bottom line here is to distinguish a product or a company from the competition and entice the target audience into investing in it. Red Cube Digital has brand campaigns down to a science. We continue to create result-oriented campaigns day in and day out for clients across scales, sectors and geographies.

Spelling out Brand Campaigns:

People buy perceptions. Simply put, your ability to create a positive feeling about your company or product among the target audience will translate to better brand development. Here brand campaigns step in, sending your message across to the right people at the right time and for the right duration. A successful campaign strikes a chord with the target audience at a conscious and sub-conscious level, creating demand and allegiance for your offerings. Take, for instance, Apple – a gold standard in branding and customer loyalty. Every time an Apple product is unleashed, buyers braving long queues outside Apple outlets are a common sight globally.

The Fundamentals explore

Brand Campaign is a multi-modality approach where diverse media channels are utilized to send across a single idea engagingly and effectively. There are apparently various subtleties to it, each needing proper planning to fructify. Let’s run you through them, one at a time.


Brand is an identity for a business; distinguishing it from competitors and establishing an emotional connection with the identified audience. The buyer identifies with the overall experience he/she had in the past or continues to have with you through your brand. It is essentially an emotion triggered in the buyer’s mind by the very mention of your company. Suppose, when you think of Apple, a picture of state-of-the-art products, cutting-edge technologies and path-breaking features conjures up in your mind. It is the power of the brand that keeps customers coming back to Apple repeatedly.

Brand Association

Brand association conveys your company’s bottom line. Suppose you are a finance management company thriving on reliability factor. Your marketing mix has to highlight the systems and practices you adhere to deliver reliable outcomes. In fact, you will be remembered for your brand association in the long run like Rolex for luxury, Volvo for safety, Ferrari for speed and Apple for innovation.

Brand Ambassador

Every brand needs an ambassador to connect emotionally with the audience. The brand personality can be a celebrity, object or animation that goes well with your sellable and bottom line and help your brand stand out in a complex and crowded marketplace. Mercedes Benz, for example, relies on Roger Federer while Vodafone refers ZOOZOOs to reinforce the top of mind awareness.

Brand Positioning

A self-explanatory phrase, it refers to a market position that a product or company occupies or intends to occupy in a given market/segment. It is all about impacting customer perceptions on how your product fares against the competitors’. A luxury watch company usually positions its offerings as a status symbol, an apparel company looks to establish its products as the latest in fashion and a retail store will prefer to be relied on for quality, variety, prices and service.


Logo is an entryway to your brand. It is essentially a catchy and standout image, either graphics or textual, meant to make the product or company identifiable. These images also convey your brand’s core beliefs and overarching objectives, making them indispensable to any brand campaign. For instance, Amazon’s logo features a bulging arrow starting from the first letter A and through to Z, indicating their comprehensive product portfolio, safe deliveries and the smile on the customer’s face


Often companies use catchy phrases to build on to the meaning of the logo, which they call taglines or slogans. A slogan has the power to resonate with consumers and invoke a positive sentiment about your brand, besides rendering it wider acceptability. You can recognize Nike with “Just Do It” and McDonald’s with “I'm Lovin' It.” customer’s face

How Brand Campaign keeps you gainful

A brand campaign synergizes different aspects of branding to deliver marketing leverage. Let’s learn how.


If your primary objective is to leave an indelible impression on your identifiable audience, brand campaigns are the way to go. The concept of branding is premised on the idea that brands exist in the mind of consumers, not within the organization. So, you need branding to make way into the psyche of the consumer. A branding campaign, typically, leverages on varied aspects of branding like logo, slogan and personalities to spread a word about your product and company.


The biggest takeaway for you – every interaction conveys a specific message and impacts customer satisfaction and allegiance. So, you make a marketing strategy to deliver the right message in the right tone. The brand campaign supports the overall marketing strategy with relevant, pointed messages


You have plans to take your business to the next level and to fructify them, branding campaigns are crucial. The marketer will implement strategies to showcase your strengths to the buyer, potential business partners and the market, boosting your brand value, earnings and future prospects.


Expanding your horizons and reaching out to new customers must be your priority. Branding has a role to play here as well, helping you tap in certain audiences that have remained aloof to you thus far. Here, the effort will be on identifying potential markets and familiarizing them with your brand.


Everyone wants to work for a strong, growing brand for reasons of lateral growth and better purchase when re-entering the labour market. The brand campaign will ensure that your brand is well represented everywhere, bringing talented people into your fold who can keep your business progressive. While, on the other hand, the existing talent pool will have a better job satisfaction rate.

The latest trends

Branding is an evolving world where changes happen way too frequently due to growing competition and technological innovation. Read on to learn what exactly is transpiring within the branding landscape and how you can capitalize on changes.

Personalized Brands

Although quality remains the prime decision factor, buyers are trending towards brands that they can connect with at an emotional level. The brands are, thus, coming up with personalized branding where the focus is on building lasting emotional connections with the customer, instead of simply trying to sell to them. Keeping the brand at the forefront is important but letting customers know the human aspect of the brand is absolute necessity to thrive in an unforgiving business scenario. So, you are better off factoring in your unique voice, and humanizing and portraying it.

Data Analytics

Predicting customer behaviour through conventional models and human intelligence is passé with data analytics becoming the norm. Herein, specialized systems and software are employed to collect and examine historical and transactional data and derive inferences for informed business decisions. It’s all about revisiting the past to pre-empt the future. While everyone, from SMBs to corporations, is incorporating predictive analysis into their branding strategies to nourish their long-term prospects, you cannot afford to stay immune to it. It’s imperative to make sense of data, which is growing at an inconvenient rate, to unravel patterns, and tailor experiences.

Invasion Of The Chatbots

Lately, the branding niche has witnessed the invasion of Chatbots that are changing the way brands interact with customers. These computer programs act as a touch point, conversing with customers via voice or text exactly the way a human conversational partner is supposed to. The millennial buyers and companies alike have developed a liking for Chatbots. Buyers can now skip the hassle of a phone call or email to get in touch with the company while the companies can attend to the customer’s queries, orders and suggestions 24/7. You too can cash in on the trend to end up with better brand value and great customer experience at a low cost.

Online Communities:

Given that each touch point is integral to customer experience, companies are getting more mindful of the online communities than ever before. In fact, every strong brand is leveraging on these communities to connect to existing and potential clients, boost brand value and improve conversion rates. These online platforms allow consumers to exchange ideas on brand-related topics and seek tips and suggestions. You always end up with actionable, authentic feedback that can be the cornerstone of key business decisions and long-term value.

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