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Enhance your website traffic and better the conversion without relying and paying too much on PPC ads! This is the hallmark of Top SEO Company in India or the world over.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website more attractive to search engines. It is a mix of technology and art to driver organic traffic on the website from search engines. An SEO company will balance the known technical factors with an intelligent assessment of their impact on a page’s visibility. Optimization is a process that has to be customized for each website. The niche and specific requirements play a guiding role, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A broad framework for SEO exists. It is within this framework that an Seo Company creates specific strategies for SEO success.

Here are the major steps to proper SEO;

  • Technically clean and error free website.
  • Quality content that provides value to users and/or answers to their search intent.
  • Making sure a website’s content can be easily crawled (accessed) by a search engine.
  • Keyword optimization to better target search engines and search users.
  • A quality website with fast loading times, good user experience, and easy navigation.
  • Authoritative content that earns a website the reputation of being a resource and brings backlinks and citations.
  • Useful meta information for the search engine.
  • Schema markup that makes a website standout in search engine results.

We’ll discuss these (and) more in the ensuing sections. It is worth noting that these steps are framework guidelines. They provide the most common recipe for success, but a good strategy isn’t afraid of being innovative. Going by the boilerplate isn’t always the right approach.

After all, there is a touch of art to the technological enterprise that is SEO. At RedCubeDigital, an innovative SEO Company, we make sure that it all comes together gracefully and effortlessly.

What is The Need For powerful SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps a website rank higher in SERP(Search Engine Results Pages). As reports and data have adequately confirmed, most users perform an internet search related to their intended action. So whether it is research, purchase or a vacation booking, a user’s actions can be influenced by the results they see.

Merely showing up in the search results is not enough – there can be millions of those. It is important to be at the top of the search results. Being on the first page of Google results can get you attention. Even there, it is the top three results that take most of the clicks.

A result-oriented strategy for SEO aims to bring the top results. Of course, that is easier said than done, which is why a comprehensive SEO strategy is necessary.

SEO is an excellent way to drive organic traffic to your website. It is reliable and has increasing returns. A good SEO Company will come with strategies to drive more traffic than comparable PPC marketing.

Our Methodology – A Comprehensive Approach To SEO

We take a practical and comprehensive approach to SEO. The goal is to create a lasting approach and results. A setting where the search engine sees your website for the high-quality and reliable resource that it is.

A comprehensive approach is intensive, but its results are stable and robust. And yes, SEO takes time. It could be weeks before you start seeing tangible results. It is a multi-faceted process that requires a careful approach.

Here’s a peek at our approach to get your website to the top of SERPs

Website Audit

A website audit is the natural place to start. A Top SEO Company will audit the website to check for technical robustness and code, its SEO strengths, and its weaknesses. It is most relevant for websites that have been online for a while now and have a reputation with a search engine. For new websites, an audit shows their readiness or compatibility with SEO. Some common considerations for audit are:

  • Ensuring that search engines can crawl the website. This includes checking if the robots.txt file is correctly set up.
  • Checking if the website is employing technologies that cannot be crawled by search engines e.g. Flash, Java Applets.
  • See if there is an over-reliance on audio, video, or images that cannot be properly indexed or crawled by the search engines.
  • Organic traffic of the website.
  • Current ranking keywords (if any).
  • Site structure and content.
  • Others, as necessary.

An audit is something of an academic process. Its purpose is to generate information useful for optimization. It creates a blueprint for a comprehensive SEO strategy. It is rare for any changes to be made during an audit. A Competitive SEO Company with study the findings and make recommendations accordingly for better results.

Technical SEO

This part takes care of the server and technical issues related to optimization. As noted, the ideal goal is to have a feature-rich website with plenty of content. Outstanding UI and UX are necessary and all of that must be achieved without sacrificing page speed.

  • Ensuring the website server has a fast response time.
  • Checking website code to ensure it is compliant with best practices and is not bloated.
  • Optimizing website architecture/structure and generating a sitemap. There should be a good flow of link juice between the pages of the website, thus taking greater advantage of domain authority and page authority.
  • Compressing and optimizing any images used on the website/page.
  • Where necessary, loading of scripts, images or other media may be deferred.
  • Get HTTPS. A secure website builds trust with the user. It is also a ranking factor for SEO.
  • If necessary, setting up a CDN for faster content delivery can be considered.
  • Use caching and compression as necessary for faster website loading.

A Mobile-Friendly Website

Strictly speaking, this is a part of technical SEO and any top SEO Company will never overlook this aspect. However, optimizing for mobile devices is important enough to deserve special mention. Mobile phones and tablets are everywhere. They already make a big part of search devices, and their number continues to rise.

Ranking well on a mobile device is as important (perhaps more important nowadays) than ranking high on computers. It is best to design a website and serve it keeping in mind the screen size of mobile devices.

A responsive design that adjusts to the screen in use and is sufficient for most websites. However, a mobile-specific website can be used in some cases.

In-Depth-Keyword Research

Look deeply into Search Volume and even carefully into relevancy of the keywords.

Keywords are perhaps the most recognized aspect of SEO. The recognition is well deserved. Keywords form the lynchpin of any SEO strategy. Keywords often represent user intent or user interest. Another point of interest is the keyword search volume, which represents the number of searches conducted for the specific keyword daily or monthly in a particular Geography.

The art and the skill required here is finding the right keywords for which a website can rank high and this differentiates an average SEO company from a top SEO Company. We use multiple tools to identify monthly search volume of a particular industry keywords in the given locations and then sort them using different methods to identify the relevancy vs. volume vs. competition.

It s also very important to identify what your favourite competitors are doing in terms of SEO and how their entire SEO strategy is working for them.

The trick is finding keywords with a high enough volume to drive traffic, relevant keywords to drive convertible organic traffic.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO involves creating content that caters to the specific keywords we want to target. Content plays a key role, and in fact, it is the driver of traffic from search engines to a website. Many Top professional SEO Company use the term “content is king” to highlight the importance of this stage.

You want fresh, detailed, specific and well-managed content. It should answer the intent of the searcher.

For search engines, the most important point is that the searcher must find their desired result. A website that holds quality, relevant and fresh content can win the favor of search engines.

Salient features of on-page SEO are;

  • Quality content that offers value to the reader.
  • Authoritative and trustworthy content.
  • Meta information for search engines.
  • Optimized images – any images used with the content should be properly optimized and include a descriptive alt tag.
  • Avoid keyword cannibalization – multiple pages on a website should not target the same keyword.
  • Employ a clean URL structure that shows the hierarchy of the page.
  • Use breadcrumbs if possible.
  • Maintain a prescribed keyword density.

Off-Page SEO

It’s not the quantity of backlinks but the quality that matters most. A Top SEO company will strategize Off-page SEO that involves encouraging backlinks and citations to a target website. Search engines often see backlinks to a website as representing authority, thus implying good quality of content. These links and citations should be gained through organic means and should be relevant.

Search engines like Google also discourage guest-posting, which can be a very useful way of getting some backlinks. Conventional strategies involve utilizing social media to create a buzz, encouraging other websites to review or see your product, or presenting resources that people will want to link to.

Schema Markup

Everyone gets those run-of-the-mill, bland search results on the search pages. However, the ones with schema markup stand out from their competition. You may have noticed some search results show extra information, like images, ratings, page categories, and where relevant – cost and reviews.A top Seo Company will utilize these information to standout in its ranking.

Schema markup can liven up your search result presence on Google the same way. Standing apart from the crowd has its benefits. And if your competitors are doing the same thing, at least they have the same approach!

Reporting and Analysis

An SEO strategy should remain under continuous monitoring. Changes in website search data and traffic are important pointers on the effectiveness of the strategy. There are several tools available, both paid and free.

Google Analytics is a free, yet powerful tool that can keep an eye on website traffic. You can use it to set up campaigns, check their performance, See referring entities, etc. Continuous monitoring helps evolve the strategy, see results, and bring changes where necessary.

As a professional SEO company in India, we make sure to compile and draft a transparent traffic report on a regular basis.

Customizing SEO Requirements to Your Needs

Not all websites have the same goals. More importantly, the same strategies cannot be used for websites in different niches or requirements. A Top Seo company like ours can tailor SEO strategies to serve your niche and requirements.

Though the following is not an expansive list, it features some popular categories:

e-Commerce SEO

is designed specifically to suit e-Commerce sites. This is a huge industry, and optimization can be more complex. Conventional steps include optimizing all images and videos, ensuring product pages are optimized and have good content, and adding proper schema markup. Where necessary, additional pages are created to answer to searcher intent or keywords.

Local SEO

is confined to a particular geographic or service area. Usually, this is relevant for businesses that serve a city or town (e.g. restaurants or services like plumbers and electricians). Optimization for Local SEO is remarkably different and requires consideration of the searcher’s GPS coordinates.

Content SEO

is a form of SEO conventionally employed by blogs, niche websites, magazines, etc. Often, the larger goal of content SEO is to deliver organic traffic. Aspects like conversions are not considered.

SEO needs top tools to keep you on top

SEO requires the use of correct tools to suit specific requirements.A top Seo company will employ these tools to maximize results. Making optimization decisions requires having plenty of information and a clean picture. We use several tools to better understand the requirements and to create an approach. Comparisons of available data from similar tools can be made for enhanced accuracy.

A few of our commonly used tools are;


What do I expect from an SEO Company?

Improving your SEO ranking is a big responsibility. Look for these characteristics in any Top SEO company:

  • Understanding the goals, aims, competitors and audience of your website.
  • Running a detailed SEO audit on the current website including current ranking reports and organic traffic and traffic sources.
  • A detailedSEO strategy for your website.
  • Increase in organic traffic of the website every month
  • Increase in referral traffic on the website
  • Enhancement in Keywords ranking every month (have the list of selected keywords)
  • Maintaining communication channels and ensuring clear communication is always available.
  • Regular check-ins and availability of performance reports.
  • You should not have to micromanage the SEO company.
Why SEO is required for my business?

SEO is a massive driver of organic traffic. A business can gain a lot by having access to a targeted and stable traffic source. Some specific benefits of SEO are:

  • SEO provides stable, long-term traffic.
  • Often, SEO can be the biggest driver of traffic to a website.
  • In some cases, it can offer better results than PPC campaigns.
  • Over 40% of the people do not click on Google Ads, they prefer clicking on organic results.
  • SEO builds trust and credibility for your business.
  • SEO is relatively cheaper in longer run, it saves you on your Google PPC spend
  • If you’re not on top of search results on relevant keywords, you’re losing business.
What makes RedCubeDigital better than other SEO companies in India?

Here’s why you should pick RedCubeDigital for SEO:

  • Over 12 years of experience in SEO with US and Indian clients
  • Experienced and professional team that is both dynamic and flexible.
  • An impressive portfolio that includes several big names of the industry.
  • Glowing testimonials from customers.
  • Access to top of the line tools and human talent.
  • A clear policy on expectations and delivery.
  • Easy to reach team with clear communication channels.
  • Timely reports on the performance and SEO of your website.
  • Easily available metrics on data whenever needed.
  • A range of plans and pricing options that can be customized for individual needs.

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