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Redcube is one of the companies that has been in existence since Social Media had just begun taking roots. Its experience has catalyzed its expertise to serve its clients with personalized solutions that have immediate and visible impact. It has a potent mix of creative and analytical minds that thrives on challenges and has churned out great websites, campaigns and total brand overhaul.

Redcubedigital is 10 years old and has worked with varied organizations from Fortune 500 company to MNCs to SMEs and fostered great partnerships in carving out impactful brand stories online that have achieved tremendous success and won numerous accolades and awards.
Social Media Agency has quite a few numbers of trumps up its sleeves which can help you maneuver through the internet abyss. Depending on your digital marketing objective an agency will guide you in your brands journey online vis-à-vis its reach, presence and acquisition of loyal customers.

Social Media Marketing agency will make plans and execute them for your brand’s/business’s REACH to a targeted audience. Social media is a great platform to ENGAGE your audience and excite them for CONVERSIONS in a long run. Social media agency can employ/suggest, depending on your budget, a combination or all of the means available to get new customers and keep existing ones coming back.
Agency uses Website, SEO, content creation and social media marketing to personalize communication along with inorganic approach to push your brand to highly targeted audience at minimum leakage through precise audience, Geography and psychograph analysis.
Each Social media Channel has different purpose and serves different needs of the users, therefore it has a very distinct characteristic that must be considered while planning an online marketing strategy. The audience on each social channel is different though they may be present on all but while they are logged in one, they have a different avatar.

They might go on Twitter to voice their opinion or get news from around the world or their favorite personality. Likewise, Twitter has attracted people who like share the happening or thought. Facebook is the largest of them all and its sublime filters help you reach out to precise audience in any industry. Instagram is complete visual medium and therefore could be efficient for travel, beauty and apparels. LinkedIn is completely professional and can help in reaching out and connecting with the decision makers of an organization. So, depending on your objective, one must select the channels you want to stand out on and stay afloat on others.
Strategies are designed keeping in mind the objective which can be Reach and Engagement, Lead Generation, timeframe and the budget of the company.

For a small business a quick ad campaign with minimal content marketing on social channels can do the trick and as the ROI gives the breathing room we can gradually move in with a variety of content bucket from static posts, videos, carousels, info graphics to AR posts.

A strong mix of content and their placement on these channels optimizes our chances of being heard and taken notice of. We also suggest campaigns around topical days, festivals, launch etc to create a buzz online a garner larger share of voice on our platforms. Each company is special in its own way and their needs are distinct so a customized plan with detailed analysis is offered to reach the objective efficiently.
Social Media has revolutionized marketing in the 21st century. Every individual now accesses internet every hour and they are connected to their friends and family through social media. It is the opportunity that brands don’t want to miss. Social media has given them a doorway to personalize their communication and build a loyal customer base that they can constantly keep in touch with and apprise them of new developments.

It has given brands a control over their spending which is accounted for to a penny. The results are quantifiable and ROI has a quick turnaround. Never to forget the long term impact of content that stays in digital realm and keeps amplifying your Brand value. It’s this aspect that brands find irresistible and deploy maneuvers to create value for their customers.