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We have over 10 years of experience on making Shopify Stores.

Shopify Website Development Services

Pull more customers to your business and increase sales. Shopify eCommerce is the key to success. Our Shopify Website Development Services guarantee results.

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RedCubeDigital was started in 2010 to provide complete digital marketing and website development services in the market. We work with startups and large organisations, both to build unique and excellent eCommerce websites on Shopify. Our vast experience and domain expertise make us one of the leading agencies in the industry. Convert your business into a brand.

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Shopify Website Development – Our Process

RedCubeDigital follows a comprehensive process to ensure that your Shopify website is just the way you want it.

1. Understand your Business

We have team meetings with our clients to understand the business in-depth. The more information you give us, the better will be our delivery.

2. Detailed List of Requirements

Our team makes a long list of the essentials to develop a Shopify store. This comes from our understanding and analysis of your business.

3. Choosing Right Themes

The theme, template, and style can make or break a website. We know the importance of choosing the exact template that will reflect your business in every manner.

4. Approval for Layout

Once our team is ready with the layout, we'll send it to you for approval. Give us your suggestions, ideas, and opinions. The work starts only after you are fully satisfied with the layout.

5. Custom Designing

Shopify templates can be customised in any way we want. RedCubeDigital believes in offering custom design services to every client. Every website will be unique and special.

6. App Integration

Apps make your Shopify website on many fronts. We identify the best apps for your website and integrate them to increase user experience.

7. Testing and Debugging

No user likes a website with broken links or glitches. It’s our responsibility to test the website in multiple environments and debug it thoroughly before it’s ready for beta testing.

8. You are Involved

It’s your business and your website. We keep you involved at every stage of the web development process. RedCubeDigital gives the utmost importance to open communication.

9. Website Soft Launch

There will first be a soft launch to assess the response for the website and fine-tune the features/integrations. We want the Shopify store to be perfect and deliver the best user experience.

10. Shopify Store Final Launch

The Shopify store will be readied for the final and official launch after making the necessary changes. We’ll help you launch the website in the market and monitor user response.

Why RedCubeDigital for Shopify Development/ Advantages of Hiring RedCubeDigital for Shopify Development

At RedCubeDigital, we provide complete Shopify development services. From websites to apps, stores and additional features using Shopify Plus, we handle every single aspect of Shopify development. Let’s place your business at the top of the charts.

Systematic Approach

Trial and error shouldn’t put your eCommerce business at risk. We understand the need for assured results and innovation. It’s a fine balance our team has successfully achieved numerous times over the years. We are an experienced team of Shopify developers and follow a systematic approach to deliver the results. We aim to grow your eCommerce business and make it a huge success. We understand the need for constant monitoring and work on continuously improving the website.

Experienced Team

Our professionals have years of domain experience and are experts at what they do. The team believes in learning and updating the skills to offer the latest solutions for Shopify development to our clients. We are known for investing in the latest and advanced practices to amplify the results. The Shopify website and stores will be accessible across all devices. Grow your customer base using our expertise.

Assured Security

Users want data security, and it’s our responsibility to provide your customers with the best online security. Your Shopify website, stores and app will have the best security standards and the highest level of protection. Be it SSL Certification or the use of fraud detection tools like NS8; let’s ensure that your eCommerce website is secure from cyberattacks. There’s no need to worry about XSS attacks, cross-site forgery or any other cyber threats.

Open Communication

Maintaining an open communication channel is the only way to work with clients. At RedCubeDigital, we believe in listening to our clients before we offer a solution. We send regular reports about the progress of development or the health of your Shopify website. We are always eager to take your feedback and work it into our plans for your website. Tell us what you want, and be assured that we’ll listen to everything you say.

Result-Oriented Services

We offer customised services to our clients. At RedCubeDigital, you can hire developers for specific projects or opt for a pre-defined plan with a standard list of Shopify web development services. We’ve carefully planned our services to double the returns for your business. We’ll assist you in achieving your short-term and long-term goals. Our result-oriented services have helped countless businesses become successful.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability are two popular keywords in the dynamic market. Your business is constantly growing, and so should your website. Our Shopify development services can be moulded to suit your business needs. Worried if your website can handle a sudden influx of traffic? Don’t fret. We are here to ensure that everything goes perfectly well.

DevOps and Agile Strategies

DevOps is a result of agile methodology that saves time, energy and resources for a business. Our DevOps services for Shopify app, theme, store and web development assure an increase in quality of the output and better returns. It’s a great way to adopt automation and release products faster into the market.

24*7 Support Services

Would you want a service provider who doesn’t respond when you’re in need? That’s why RedCubeDigital makes an extra effort to provide 24*7 support services to all our clients. We are accessible anytime you want our help with the Shopify website, app or store. You can rely on us to maintain, upgrade and manage your Shopify website/app. Let’s give your customers a wonderful user experience of shopping on your site.

Clients from Multiple Locations

Though we are based out of New Delhi, India, we have clients from various parts of the country and the world. We work with businesses across almost all industries and regions. Our team is well-versed in collaborating with diverse businesses. RedCubeDigital is the answer to your eCommerce requirements.

Why is Shopify Preferred Over WordPress and Magneto?

WordPress and Magneto are no longer the only options to build an eCommerce website. Shopify has taken over and is now the preferred choice for several businesses.

  • Shopify is a leading all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows you to manage everything from a single dashboard.
  • Use Shopify Plus to scale the website and add more features. It saves time and resources for your business.
  • Shopify is simple to use compared to WordPress and Magneto. You can manage the website on your own.
  • Shopify offers round-the-clock customer support. The support team is experienced and ready to assist via chat, email or social media.
  • Shopify is a perfect choice for small businesses looking to expand into new markets. There are more than 4,000,000 websites on Shopify.
  • Shopify offers a seamless user experience to you and your customers. It is counted among the secure platforms.
  • The Shopify plans include a free ‘myshopify.com’ subdomain. You can even get a custom domain for the site.

Benefits of Shopify Services

Here’s why you need to hire developers from RedCubeDigital for Shopify development. Shopify services offer the following benefits:

Easy Setup

Shopify became so widely popular because of its easy setup and use. It has gained fame as a hassle-free platform that can be used by any business. Developing the website, choosing a domain and hosting the site can all be done through the same platform. The admin panel is simple and uncomplicated, especially when compared to WordPress.

Appealing and Attractive

Shopify offers a range of themes and templates to choose from. We’ll help you choose the best one for your business and customise it to meet your specifications. The rich interface, when customised by experts, can attract more audiences to your eCommerce store and increase the conversion rate.

Increased ROI

Increasing returns is the ultimate aim for any business, isn’t it? Shopify helps you make it possible by providing a platform to build a premium-quality website for eCommerce sales. RedCubeDigital helps you design and develop the website on this platform to bring more traffic to the site and increase the conversion rate.

Data Security

eCommerce is not possible without asking customers to provide sensitive information. How else will they make the payment for their order? You cannot compromise on data security when dealing with customers’ information. Luckily, you don’t have to either. Shopify provides assured data security as it maintains the servers on its own. We can use the various security features on the platform to make your eCommerce website secure and safe to use. This will encourage customers to freely make purchases through the site.


eCommerce websites should be mobile-friendly and have a mobile responsive design. With more than 50% of the users relying on mobile phones for purchases, Shopify’s mobile-friendly websites will improve your reach. The themes available on Shopify are mobile responsive. It’s easy to optimise them for various smart devices. Moreover, we can design the apps for Android and iPhones to manage your business stores.


Shopify has an edge over other platforms because of the SEO features and marketing tools it offers. As a digital marketing agency, we’ll design and build an SEO-friendly Shopify website for your eCommerce business. We’ll help you understand how the tools work. You can use advanced analytics to know your customers and plan the marketing campaign accordingly. Shopify websites have a fast loading speed compared to others.

Shopify Kit

Shopify allows social media integrations as well. You can even create discount codes from the website. The Shopify Kit has been designed to help business owners understand digital marketing. However, you can rely on us to optimise the website and provide you with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business.

Add Third-Party Payment Gateway

Shopify gives you the advantage of integrating with various payment gateways. Stripe is a payment gateway that belongs to Shopify. By integrating this, you can save on transaction fees and even benefit from lower credit card fees. Also, you don’t need a merchant account for this. Startups will find it useful to use Stripe with their Shopify websites.


Shopify offers around 160 free and paid themes on the platform. You can choose the one you like the best, and we’ll customise it for your website. Apart from these, we can get code for themes from other platforms and customise it for your Shopify eCommerce website. The final output will be exactly how you want the website to represent your business.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Do you know that 2/3rd of your potential customers add items to the cart and leave them there? Shopify ensures that you don’t lose these customers. An email is automatically sent to these users to remind them to complete the purchase. Recovering abandoned carts will increase your revenue and add to sales.

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Shopify Services We Offer

Shopify Migration

Do you already have an eCommerce website? We’ll migrate it to Shopify from other platforms, along with the customers, orders, pages, reviews, product details, content for SEO, etc. Our Shopify migration process is seamless and hassle-free.

Mobile App Development

Why limit your eCommerce business to a Shopify website? Get the mobile app and reach more audiences. Building Shopify stores is something we do regularly. Let’s expand your business into new avenues and channels.

Custom Shopify App

Customised apps deliver better results. Our team builds custom Shopify apps to support your eCommerce website and bring more sales. Our apps are simple but highly effective.

Setting up eCommerce Store

Setting up an eCommerce Shopify store may seem daunting, but not to us. It’s what we do every day. Your business stores will be up and running in no time. Data security, payment gateway integrations, dropshipping, etc. are our responsibility.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an enterprise solution for large-scale eCommerce businesses. We directly develop Shopify Plus websites and scale your existing website to Shopify Plus when the business grows. All the necessary and best features will be incorporated into the website.

Theme and Website Design

The theme and the website design are vital to attracting customers to your eCommerce business. We design the website based on the nature of the business, the niche, the industry and other relevant factors that influence the customer’s purchase decision.

API Integration

Shopify offers RESTful API to integrate with your business systems. We’ll handle the process on your behalf. We also provide third-party ERP, CRM, OMS and other API integrations. Your business website will be up to date and provide everything customers want from it.

Shopify SEO

SEO is compulsory for any website. Rather, it’s a must for eCommerce websites. AT RedCubeDigital, we offer SEO and digital marketing services to place your business website among the top search results. Why search for another Shopify SEO service provider when we offer all solutions in one place?

Support and Maintenance

Maintenance ensures that the Shopify website is free of bugs and provides an enriched user experience to your customers. We offer support services and provide suggestions to increase sales and profits through the eCommerce website.

Why Choose Us?

RedCubeDigital has more than ten years of experience in Shopify development. Our team of professionals is reliable, dependable and efficient in handling an array of projects. We are well-versed in working on complex Shopify projects and delivering results as promised.

RedCubeDigital is your assured way to success. We are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Affordable
  • Transparent
  • Experienced
  • Flexible
  • One-Stop Solution Provider


What makes RedCudeDigital the best Shopify website developer in the market?

RedCubeDigital has a diverse and experienced team of professionals with decades of domain experience. Our Shopify services are tailored to suit your business requirements. We guarantee results for your eCommerce site using the Shopify platform.

How many developers do you have in-house?

We have a moderate-sized team of experts who’ve been in the digital marketing world for years. We conscientiously plan our projects to ensure that every client gets the same kind of attention.

Can Shopify services help my business?

Yes, Shopify services can boost your eCommerce sales and generate more returns. Shopify is one of the leading platforms and has been exclusively designed for eCommerce businesses. Shopify is easy to use and has attractive features compared to other platforms like WordPress or Magneto.

What kind of post-development support do you offer?

We offer support and maintenance services to each of our clients. You can contact us 24*7 for help with the eCommerce website/ store/ app. You can opt for additional annual maintenance services, depending on your budget.

What process do you follow at RedCubeDigital to engage with clients for Shopify website design?
  • We always start with a meeting (personal/ video call) to understand your business and requirements in detail.
  • We then draft an in-depth proposal with a list of features and specifications to meet your requirements.
  • We discuss it with you and wait for your approval of the same.
  • We proceed to sign the SLA (Service Level Agreement) before starting the work.
  • Our team will present you with the home page designs and website layout for approval.
  • Then we design the remaining pages and start working on the Shopify website.
  • We constantly send you updates at every stage of development and wait for your feedback.
  • We allocate a project manager for every client who maintains the communication throughout.
  • We test the website for bugs and share the final version with you before it’s released for public use.
  • We help with launching the website, optimising it for search engines and providing a marketing plan.
  • We offer maintenance and support services to keep the website error-free for your customers.
How long do you take to develop a Shopify website ?

We take anything between a week and two months to develop a Shopify website for your business. The exact time frame can be determined after the initial meeting.

Can your team deliver the website within the deadline?

Yes, we can. At RedCubeDigital, we pride ourselves on being efficient and punctual. We know the importance of time in this fast-paced world. Once we specify a deadline for Shopify development, be assured that we’ll deliver as per the schedule.

What are your charges at RedCubeDigital for a Shopify website?

Our pricing extensively depends on the size and complexity of your Shopify website. Services for websites with advanced features and complex app integrations are priced accordingly. However, we have a moderate pricing model at RedCubeDigital. We aim to be affordable for all businesses.

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