Things change for digital marketing every year as the new technologies emerge. In 2019 too, there are going to be prominent innovations in digital media and data, demanding fresh strategies by digital agencies wanting to attract their audience. While slow movers will simply watch, businesses adapting and acting faster will sweep their markets. Here are some major innovations that digital agencies need to keep a watch on:


  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is the buzzword that will gain more weight in 2019. From user behavior analysis and customer segmentation to marketing campaign optimization, audience targeting and customer service, every dynamic digital agency India has been using AI as a critical aspect of its digital marketing strategies.

By year-end, chatbot technology will be driving the customer service significantly. Optimized message targeting and real-time personalized advertising creatives can be witnessed. This will lead to many more digital agencies adopting AI for audience expansion and cost savings.


  • Chatbots

Ask any digital agency Delhi and it is leveraging chatbots to communicate constantly with the audience. Chatbots are saving a great percentage of customer service costs for businesses and adding to their revenues.

During 2019, the improved artificial intelligence will also lead to smarter chatbots and highly responsive instant messaging service. Thus, more businesses will welcome chatbots this year and the digital agencies must take a note of it.


  • Voice Search and Smart Speakers

More than a billion searches on Google are now voice searches. With constant innovations in voice search and personal assistant devices, the digital agencies will have to reformulate their digital marketing strategies during this year. With AI getting smarter, personal assistant devices like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are going to be more precise.

Any digital agency will be able to witness the growth of smart speakers, as the percentage of users is on the rise. The focus of agencies should now be on producing more audio content to create brand awareness, especially when the voice-controlled assistants will be introducing words from their sponsors.


  • Video Marketing and Social Media

Video marketing, influencer marketing and stories on social media are displaying innovations each day and will continue to do so during 2019. More than 70% of businesses suggest that their conversion rate has improved through video marketing.

On the other hand, video marketing will not be limited to YouTube anymore. Video posts and live broadcasts will be the rage, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram. It’s time every digital agency India makes video content a strong part of its digital marketing strategies.

Whether artificial intelligence automates some key aspects of digital advertising or smart devices and voice searches go high in demand, it is essential for digital agencies to stay watchful in 2019 that comes with a wide range of digital and technological enhancements.