With social media campaign driving brand engagements and conversions, keeping it out of the overall marketing mix can be catastrophic to your business prospects. Contrary to the popular perception, giving your business social media exposure is affordable and time efficient. Even if the resource crunch prevents hiring professional help to execute a well-rounded campaign, you can do it all by yourself. Being armed with a proper checklist will just help your cause.


Set Goals:
Setting goals at the outset is critical to any undertaking in life, and social media marketing is no exception either. These campaigns are crafted to achieve various ends, such as improved search engine rankings, enhanced lead generation, conversions, and brand loyalty, higher customer satisfaction, better market insights, and more. There is a pressing need to determine what you wish to accomplish through the campaign, as each goal requires a different strategy.


Know your audience:
Since a targeted social media campaign is likely to yield favorable outcomes, it’s imperative to know your audience and its social media behavior. Putting this strategy into motion needs some doing, as different verticals have to be covered. Start by researching techniques employed by your competitors to engage with customers and incorporate the most relevant ones in your strategy. Keeping a tab on industry-specific keywords driving maximum traffic is essential and so is roping in specialized influencers that can promote your brand.


Choose the platform:
Given the multiplicity of social platforms available, zeroing on suitable few is vital. Here, your core objectives and awareness of audience preference will guide your decision. For instance, if your audience is B2B companies, you are better off with LinkedIn. In case, you aspire to create a customer care experience, Twitter is the way to go, allowing you to answer queries and resolve issues. For lead generation, Facebook, the largest social network, can be the winning move.


Allot appropriate time:
In lack of professional help, the social media campaign is a DIY project for you. As such, the spadework of making a relationship with the customer has to be done by you, which entails time. Ideally, devoting two hours a day on sending your message across via different social platforms is sufficient. Split the allotted time into 3 to 4 half-hour periods to stay current on the development of your campaign. Interacting on weekends and holidays is also a clever ploy.