Google has raised three efficient pillars that mark the presence of a strong and effective SEO strategy. Two out of the three pillars are pretty well known – high quality content and high quality links to the content. The third and the most important pillar that binds the other two is social media. Considered secondary by many, social media marketing is one of the most effective pillars of the new internet marketing strategy.

Google has been aiming at personifying the whole web, and to achieve this Google has effectively built strategies using these three pillars. Here are some of the running trends of new age internet marketing which is aimed at humans and not at robots.

Google Authorship

Google authorship is a significant feature that contributes to build an effective content strategy as it provides a new direction to push your content online be it your website or a blog. If a particular author receives more visibility online, he/she gains favorable rankings among the target audience which is often referred to as Author Rank. A better visibility using Google Authorship and a better ranking through Author Rank is vital to companies considering white hat SEO strategies. Along with high quality snippet that Google fetches from your content; your page title, blog author and the profile picture are important elements of Google Authorship features that help gain a higher click through rates.

Google+ as a Social Media Platform

Where Facebook, Twitter, Youtube have joined forces to contribute to your brand’s reputation, it’s high time social media efforts are channelized through Google+ that impacts your SEO strategy as well. Instead of treating Google+ as a secondary option, try making it preliminary. Google indexes searches based on Google+ updates and posts. To create online visibility and presence, you will need to take Google+ seriously and learn more about an effective Google Plus strategy.

Go Viral with Video Content

It’s a known fact that video content serves as a popular one-of-a-kind platform with audiences when compared with written content. Create an engaging video content that you would want to share with the audiences. Optimize the content with relevant keywords and share it online. When adding description, don’t forget to add your company’s URL. Remember the URL should be clear and visible. The only way to bury the hatchet of negative publicity is by creating a video content that can make you go viral.

Structure the Data

Discover newer website trends and change the way people relate to your brand. When you create a website, make it look like rather a community. Group together the various details that sound and appear to be alike. Grouping together similar services on a single page offers you a structured website.

Similarly if you categorize your website into different groups, you’ll see that the search engine crawlers can define and organize their searches too. This method not just improves website rankings but also authenticates visibility to your website. Use the various Google webmaster tools to find out if your structure is appropriate or not.

Conversational Tone

One of the most powerful tools in its class is to maintain a conversation al tone for your audiences. When you write or deliver content that needs to be searched by Google crawlers, make sure the language and tone of your content is pretty conversational. Google understands your emotions and content better when you communicate using a conventional tone. The positive or negative emotion within your content acts as an influencer for search rankings.