Try to master SEO and present your content and website to billions of people around the globe!

The SEO of a website depends on various factors such as on-page optimization, off-page SEO, back linking, domain authority, content quality, site age, etc. The field of SEO is constantly changing and the strategies used years earlier do not work in the current digital era. Even a successful website ranking on Google page would need new strategies and creative approaches to achieve the desired results. In simple words, retaining high rankings on different search engines involves the usage of current relevant SEO techniques. Gaining organic traffic for the website could be easy for many and at the same time impossible for many. It all depends on the SEO techniques and methods they follow. But there are some proven strategies which will help you get more traffic on your website.
Here is how you can effectively improve the ranking of your website by following some useful SEO tactics:

Never Publish a Blog Post without On-page SEO

Putting a blog post that helps readers to solve their problems or help them to gain knowledge should be your primary goal for you. But just putting the blog on the website is enough? No, it’s very important to follow the on-page SEO strategy before publishing a blog post on your website.

Things you should keep in mind before publishing a post for on-page SEO:

– Always include the primary keyword in the title, as it is the one that attracts readers attention.

– Create and write SEO friendly URLs while keeping it short and keyword-rich.

– Use modifiers to the blog post title, words like “Best in 2020”, “Full-ultimate guide”.

– Make sure to write the main keywords of the article in the first 100-150 words.

– Use internal links in every post, as it lends credibility and also send user from one article to another.

– Make sure to use LSI keywords in every post.

– Boost your site speed, as users won’t be interested in visiting sites with low speed.

Target Long Tail Keywords with 4 to 5 or More Words

Sometimes while searching for any query on search engines, people use very specific keyword phrases to find a precise solution. These specific keyword phrases are known as Long tail keywords. Focusing on long tail keywords is highly recommended as it can really increase your monthly search visitors. The first step in choosing a Long tail keyword for an article is keyword research. Usually, 4 to 5 or more keywords is a good choice to use on the post.

How to Research Long Tail Keywords-

– Use Google keyword planner to get variations of long tail keywords.

– Use to examine long tail keywords. It gives lot many suggestions based on Google suggest, Wikipedia and Amazon.

– Use “Quora”, it will suggest more ideas for topics to get more long tail keywords.

– Use Wordtracker keyword tool to find more profitable long-tail keywords.

– Use different online keyword suggestion tools to find more long tail keywords in your particular niche.

Link Building

Link building plays a major role, when it comes to effective SEO. Every new website struggle hard to get backlinks to their website from high authoritative sites, and it is totally all right. But it is not really acceptable for a new blogger or the owner of the website.

Inbound links determine the popularity of the website and also affect Google ranking. For more backlinks to your article, first, focus on On-page Optimization as it is the only thing that increases the relevancy and popularity of your website.

Benefits from Link Building

– It improves organic ranking

– It can help getting your blog indexed easily in search engine results

– Your blog will be admired as a valuable resource as it is linked with high authoritative blogs

– It increases the visibility of your blog in search results

How to Get High-Quality Links to Your Blog

Lengthy content: The more lengthy and relevant content naturally attracts more links. Outreach bloggers of your niche and impress them with the lengthy and relevant content.
Blog commenting: A thoughtful comment on your top niche blogs will help you build relationships with the relevant audience.

Guest blogging: Guest blogging is a great way to connect with new online readers and get your name out in the online digital world. Publish interesting stuff on someone else’s article, website or blog and help them grow with your content. Build relationships and grow your website and audience base in the industry with your guest posts.

Create infographics for your blogs: Use tools like Canva to attract a TON of natural backlinks.
Start threads in forums: Establish threads related to your niche and engage with others.
Submit your blog posts to blogging communities, like Blogengage, Bizsugar.

Google has a different set of algorithms to rank a blog or an article. But the factors like- writing quality content, doing proper keyword research, and building backlinks never change. To plan out everything specifically you can choose from different SEO companies in India which will help to grow your brand visibility through Search Engine Optimization.