The holiday season has finally ended! It is time to take a call on your digital marketing strategy which plays a pivotal role in your brand visibility. 2014 was a brilliant year, so to say for digital marketing, and 2015 will take your brand further in terms of visibility and image.

Everything, from technology to consumer behavior has evolved majorly over the past year, and this will definitely affect the digital marketing strategy that the company will readily adopt. While brands feel that in the coming year content should be entertaining, they also feel the need for informative Inflatable water slides Canada content to attract the eyeballs of their consumers and increase conversions. Humor to human, the transition of content is going to mark the trend for 2015. Here are few predictions for digital marketing trends in the year 2015.

1. Posting Original Videos

When it comes to videos, you should try to personalize the videos to improve your digital marketing strategy and the visibility of your brand. Most brands, who have a huge following, have managed to humanize their video content with the help of original videos. One of the brands, last year, decided to fulfill their consumers’ wishes, and recorded their expressions and emotions. This video became viral instantly. You will need to market your brand with such videos. This will help your brand’s visibility and image instantly.

2. Fight the Information Density

There is a single point hurdle in the life of marketers and that is information density. Your consumer’s attention span is limited and the information stock is unlimited. You will need to play well between their attention span and information available to make sure that the content reaches out to the interested audience in the desired way.

You will need to filter out unwanted information and use platforms that can deliver information within the attention span to the audiences.

3. Slideshare for Businesses

This year Slideshare will become one evolved social networking site for businesses. You will see that Slideshare will support LinkedIn in connecting Businesses to other businesses and consumers. If you want to share relevant content on your network that will reach out to the target audience, then you should connect with Slideshare. With the additional video features added onto Slideshare, you will find that it is incredibly useful in connecting with people. Use Slideshare in connection with LinkedIn for a brilliant digital marketing strategy.

4. Hosted Videos Rank Higher

It seems, in the coming year, Youtube will lose out on its audience as Hosted videos are becoming popular. More and more social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are giving importance to the videos hosted on their site.

5. Active Social Conversions

This year you will see that it is easy and convenient to create social micro conversions. In the past year, social conversions meant a link back on the social networking websites using call to action messages. Now, that will change this year! You will see that conversions will be directed through engagement. You can directly convert your audience into consumers using the tweet buy, Facebook buy etc. options. Basically you won’t need a link back, which means there’s higher chances of conversions with this method.

6. Can’t Avoid the Paid Ads

In the coming year, digital marketers won’t be able to avoid paid ads. You will need to indulge in paid marketing if you want to reach out to your target audience and convert them into consumers. Facebook has already announced that it will stifle the organic promotions in January 2015. Instagram is currently trying to expand its advertising base. If you see, the social networking sites are busy promoting and expanding their ad base making it mandatory for businesses to indulge in paid ads.

7. Local Searches via Google+

You will see a phenomenal rise in Google+ this year thanks to Google Local Search results. Businesses will see a huge impact in their digital marketing strategies and business listings owing to this local search enabled by Google+. Star games begin with Google+ where 5 star ratings to a business will provide you with the credibility and authenticity of the business. Stars are the social proof, and with Google+ you will be getting it from real audiences. So, from global to glocal, Google+ supports it all in 2015