With New Year greetings flooding in, it’s time to set your SEO goals. You have an ongoing affair with SEO, which strives for continuous improvement. Getting SEO right the first time does not always happen. With the past year’s learning and data combined with SEO experience, you can alter the SEO strategies and build an effective web presence.

Stepping into the New Year, here are five SEO tactics wherein you need to revisit your site, and build your presence.

1. Technical Makeover

It’s time to give your website a technical makeover. The first time around, you have a clearly audited the site at your disposal. Now it is time to relook at your site’s technical side. Right from the errors to the redirects to the broken images, you knew the technical side of your site when you started out. But, do you know if your site is technically sound, as on date or not?

With time, you have added and deleted pages modified certain tags and images. With such changes, auditing your site once again is very important. So, how would you perform the audit task?

Let’s begin with get your site audited on Screaming Frog, a tool that helps remove existing errors, duplicity of URLs and other typical errors that can affect your website.

Once the report offers you all the issues in your website, you can begin fixing these issues.

If you are not satisfied with the errors sifted by Screaming Frog, you can use Webmaster tools as well as Google analytics to understand the errors, and issues present in your website. Sitemap and server issues can also be understood better when using these tools. You can set goals and track your goals with analytics. You can even try to correct URLs in your website. Basically, you should start your SEO strategy by understanding technical side of the site first.

2. Transform the Basics

When working on SEO strategies for this year, you should not ignore the basics. Try checking on the basic features like tags, meta tags and Alt text and see if they are in sync with the requirements. Use tools like Screaming Frog, and check on the HTML tag details for issues and errors that might have been ignored by you previously. Titles and descriptions should not be missing, and in case they are rectify them on immediate basis. Export Alt text tags of your images and check for missing details that might have escaped your eyes.

You will also need to rework on the content of your website. Try evaluating the past year’s content, and find out what sort of content worked best with your audience. Try and find out ways in which this data can be used for repurposing your SEO strategies for this year. Use the past year’s data to refurbish your style of content for this year.

3. Rework on Business Listings

Your business might have undergone tremendous changes in the past year. Be it shifting places or some temporary changes, you may need to make these changes known to the public.

How about reworking on your business listing for the present year? Let’s begin with changing all the details related to your business in the key websites. Check for information on the all websites that are often visited by your target audience. See if there are some URL or other changes that need to be made in these websites. If you have increased the number of employees working for you, make sure the changes are listed.

Always remember, business lists are first checked out by your target, before they actually begin visiting your website. For perfect SEO, always keep your listings updated.

4. Competition Analysis

You are always incomplete on your SEO strategy if you have not performed competition analysis. It is important to keep an eye on your competition, and check what they are upto. You will need to find out how they are faring in the world of SEO, and what kind of strategies, URL, meta tags and keywords they have adopted to optimize their website.

You can check for content related ideas, even authenticate your ideas through a thorough competition analysis. Without performing competition analysis, you will always remain incomplete with your SEO strategy.

5. Update Editorial Calendars

While stepping into the New Year, it is also important for you to cash on the editorial calendar. Identify opportunities and businesses that will help you further your business through the editorial calendar. Use tools like EdCals to keep a tab on new businesses and to track opportunities.