While making a social media strategy you’d definitely want to include content marketing as it has indeed become a crucial part of digital marketing. Since 2013, digital media spiked by a whopping 50% which implies that more number of people are turning to digital resources. Thus, there has emerged a dire need to create fresh, innovative & easy to digest content. A company’s content marketing strategy must have a proper balance between creativity & marketability. This appears easier said than done, as it involves various aspects involved in content marketing. Following are a few content marketing tips that you can keep in your pocket:

  1. Clear Concise Content

Obviously, confusing and longwinded content is hard to digest. If you want your audience to stay for longer, you need to create clear & concise content. You can create apt strategy with your marketing team on what kind of content would perform best with your company’s target audience. The clearer you are with your crisp content, the more your message is likely to resonate & create a stronger impact.

  1. Maintaining Content Consistency

You need to always be consistent with your content marketing strategy. Try to ensure that the voice of your article is consistent, irrespective of you being a marketer or a content developer. Consistent content helps the readers flow from one post to another thereby keeping the attention of the reader intact.

  1. Become A Story-Teller

By becoming a storyteller, you can engage, entice & even spark a conversation with your audience. Fantastic write-up and brilliant storytelling will definitely put you ahead of the pack especially when it comes to competing with others. Thus, hire great writers who resonate with your company’s voice & push the readers to read the content.

  1. Presence Across Social Media

Social media is going to be your next best friend for the content distribution. You need to make the most of all the social media platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. by maintaining a pulse of what’s being talked about your company for engaging people.

  1. Prioritize SEO

SEO has the potential to make or even break your entire content marketing strategy. SEO is thus the best platform to organically grow your audience using effective content marketing using following steps:

  • Using strong keywords: Make use of various search tools to find out the strong keywords for your business.
  • Links to internal pages: Internal links help keep a visitor for longer period of time, so have your internal links go redirected to the source.
  • Include ALT text: Like the text, images can be optimized as well, thus, Alt should be vividly clear & distinctive for search engines to match your content with the images.


  1. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Monitoring and even lurking your competitors is a great way to stay on top of the trends in the industry and see which specific content made it so successful. You can make use of their methodologies to improve, alter and even adjust your content to engage more number of users.

  1. Revisit Old Content

One part of your content marketing strategy needs to include revisiting the old content. From the SEO perspective, this would help in enhancing the content ranking on the search engines. You can thus beef up your older posts to make them resonate with the new & evolved content strategy to help repurpose the content.

  1. Make Long-Term Plans

Blogging & content creation takes some serious brain racking & time for the marketers, SEO experts, writers etc. Also, it’s the bitter truth that your blog can’t be an overnight success. So, think long term, have patience& consistency while making your content marketing strategies.

Hence, when you build a catalog of your content, you’re likely to see massive engagement with your brand-name across the marketing channels. Just follow these simple steps and you can easily pave your future for effective content marketing.

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