Choosing ideal eCommerce tools and platforms for your website is very important to enhance its performance, which will ultimately boost your sales. Ecommerce Tools and platforms are supporting elements of the website, which strengthen the eCommerce strategies and ease your sales process. They will make your eCommerce website’s products and services more accessible and user-friendly. There are several tools to choose from, but for choosing the best tools for your business you have to keep in mind several factors such as your technical skills and budget as well as factors like onsite search, mobile-friendliness, and SEO. Each category of tool serves different functions for the website, and these factors will allow you to choose the best for your purpose.

Hosting an eCommerce website determines your site’s visibility, loading time, and the charges you pay each month for hosting. Emerging startups and small businesses experience many challenges in choosing the tools as they need to keep in mind scalability, logistics, and more. Whereas the site visitors only gaze for a user-friendly experience and fast loading speed. An eCommerce business should also remember that everything in e-commerce is aimed towards providing greater facilities to consumers, from simple to use payment gateways to modifying prices and offer discounts faster than a physical store; everything should be quick and effective.
Here is a compiled list of top eCommerce tools and platforms, which will help you to manage your eCommerce website:

E-Commerce Website Design and Development Tools

E-Commerce website design tools are used to set up your store and help you manage it.

- Shopify

One of the widely used eCommerce platforms, Shopify is loaded with amazing features. Perfectly designed for eCommerce, this platform has numerous templates, page structures, various catalogs, different currency options and everything else designed for selling products online. Through Shopify, you can start building your website on your own, even without much technical knowledge or a web developer. The trustworthy security and payment process makes Shopify one of the best options for building your website.

- WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. One of the most common content management systems, WordPress is a simple, easy to use, free and secure website creation tools around the internet. It allows you to create a website without knowledge of coding, HTML, design, etc. WooCommerce is a website design platform for WordPress, designed for different online eCommerce merchants. Easy to install, customize and free base product makes it a great tool for constructing an eCommerce website.

- BigCommerce

A more professional eCommerce platform with a lot of significant features, BigCommerce gives you the opportunity to have a wider eCommerce store online. Being a wider eCommerce platform doesn’t mean it does not appeal to startups and small businesses. Flexibility and ease of a drag-and-drop editor, off-site hosting, feature-loaded, and readily scalable features make it perfect for everyone from entrepreneurs to big brands.

Research tools

Research tools are used to identify opportunities in your niche and to learn how you can improve your site and campaigns. They also help you to determine the online activities of your competitors.

- SEMRush

SEMRush is a complete digital marketing research tool that helps you to identify precisely how your competitors have found success digitally. If you are a business owner with an eCommerce website, this tool will allow you to compare sites in your niche, improve SEO, and analyze ad campaign performance. From finding profitable keywords of your niche to analyzing your page’s performance, SEMRush does it all. It also allows you to audit your competitor’s website and provide reports indicating the strengths and weaknesses of that complete site. SEMRush tracks more than 105 million keywords and more than 87 million domains. For prices and monthly subscription, you can check out the official website of SEMRush.

- Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an eCommerce research tool that helps you to identify the top products for your niche and to track their performance on Amazon. If you sell through Amazon or through your own site, you should use Jungle Scout for deep product research for your niche. It offers in-depth market insights and competitive analysis for businesses and brands seeking their edge on Amazon.

Marketing tools

Let the world know you exist, build your brand and convert leads into customers through the eCommerce marketing tools available in the market.

- Buffer

Buffer is an eCommerce marketing tool, designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the way for its users to schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It also helps in analyzing the results and community engagement of the audiences. Planning your social media calendar was never so easy. The analytics dashboard of the tool offers appealing insights into your audience’s behavior.

- Mail Chimp

To grow your eCommerce business and drive customers to your website, you need to build a list and use it for Email marketing. MailChimp is the most widely used email marketing tool for many eCommerce marketers. The easy to customize templates and heavy backend analytics makes MailChimp great email service for all. From small businesses to large entities MailChimp can be used by any form of business.

Analytics tools 

Here comes the analytics part! Now we have completed the marketing process of the website, we will use data science to understand how customers are behaving with our website.

- Neatly

With a smooth and attractive user interface, Neatly delivers you insights about your marketing campaigns. It allows you to set and track your goals and gives you the facility to track all of your KPIs on a particular, customizable dashboard. The particular analytics tool is integrated with more than 40 top eCommerce apps including MailChimp, QuickBooks, Shopify PayPal, and Google Analytics.

- Google Analytics 

Though most people in the digital industry are aware of the Google Analytics tool, still we have included this here as it one of the most powerful analytics tools in the market. Google Analytics is a must-have for any eCommerce business, as it is packed with information that can help you develop conversions on PPC ads, optimize your site and track visitor behavior in your store. Google itself offers free training to help you master this powerful tool.

Always remember to plan carefully, choose tools and platforms that suit your business model. Scale slowly and invest in tools that are valuable for your business. Educate and reach your potential customers through eCommerce marketing tools. We at RedCube Digital Media perform numerous researches in the process of building a top-performing eCommerce website that can turn your visitors into potential buyers.