Video conferencing has become an integral part of our work culture. Whether with an employee or with some client, this comes handy on most occasions. Video call is a powerful tool, it can connect people’s emotions and eliminates the need to meet the individual in person. Reduces the unnecessary cost of travel and saves a lot of your precious time. Also, group calls and group meetings are easily accessible when it comes get multiple people onboard. It helps in maintaining the connection irrespective of the physical location and speeding up your decision-making process as well. Video calls also opens a new window for any person sitting in any corner of the world, to collaborate globally and run your business smoothly.

Video calls can be unimpressive if few key points aren’t considered well. You can’t simply start video conferencing without keeping in mind some tips to look impressive. Do you get mesmerized by someone talking to you on Video call and wish, you can also present yourself like him/her. It’s just few simple tips that can really make you pro when it comes to Video Conferencing.
So, here are some tips you should always follow to make impressive video call like pro –

1. Get Adequate Light on yourself

Light plays a vital role to showcase your vibrant personality to prosper properly. Having good light will ensure you will look good and your expressions will be clearly visible that might have its own significance. Also, refrain from getting light coming directly on camera, especially from window or from strong light above your head (If any). Always use the light in front your face, glowing up your whole personality altogether.

2. Connect on Strong Wi-Fi or Mobile Data

Strong connection, makes sure the conversation goes without any interruption. Make sure the connection is of good speed and provides seamless flow. You don’t want to be in and out of the call quite frequently, distressing both the parties. Frozen or blurred video calls isn’t appreciated by any professionals. Strong connection should always be top priority as it will ensure you don’t get left far behind.

3. Position yourself nicely in the frame

Better positioning can give a long-lasting impression on the other participant. Don’t put your camera too close to your face, maintain a good distance where your upper body is visible and not only your face. Be in the centre of the screen, giving enough space to both right and left side of yours. Ideally sit straight maintaining gentle smile on your face. Smile gives good vibe to the other persons, resonating a friendly nature overall.

4. Use your favourite angle

More similar in photos, there is ‘good side’ in videos as well. Everyone tends to have that one angle where you love capturing yourself and tagging enough to declare it ‘best angle’. Use that best angle while on video calls, will help boost your confidence. Look straight on the camera while you speak, this will give an eye-to-eye level conversation which will indicate your conviction through it.

5. Get Dressed Nicely

Dressing good reveals person’s character and his mindset towards the culture. Make the video calls more like an interview where you dress well to impress your interviewer. If you impress well enough, you might land with a job in your hand. Think in that perspective, if the person in front of you gets impressed, there is an opportunity to grow your business. Few only dress smartly on top, wearing casual on the bottom but this can go wrong if you have to get up in any case.

. Avoid any typing or chatting while on Video Call

Try to avoid any sort of distraction, typing not only creates distraction but also indicates you are not fully attentive or disinterested in the conversation. Even it is typing notes, still can send negative vibe to the other person. Stick to the old school, be ready with pen or paper in case you want to take a note of it.

7. Eye Contact is must

You always want to interact with the other end, making a friendly atmosphere altogether. Eye contact while you talk gives the other person sort of trust and belief in your words. Builds a great relationship upfront and probably long-lasting bond. Don’t look on the screen for eye contact, rather you should be looking at your camera.

8. Notify if you want to step away for something

Disruption may occur during call if you are working from home, travelling or in traffic. First thing you should take a note is, avoid any such scenario where you have to step away during the ongoing call. But in case you have to, notify the person or group politely excusing yourself verbally. Little things count and those can depict a lot of things about your personality.

9. Be still’ majority of the time

Fidgeting, playing with your hair, touching your face frequently, swinging to and fro can be irritating for the other participant. Avoid any unnecessary hand movement or playing with pen or pencil. Keep yourself calm and prevent any motion to your body unwillingly. This can be surprisingly distracting for the other people.

10. Take care of the Background

Apart from light and you, the background should also be professional when you are in meeting with your boss or client or potential client. Prevent your kids or pets from showing up in the background which may look very unprofessional. Place some nice painting, neat wall or clean shelf. The whole frame should represent your professionalism towards the participant.

To get started, take a look at these 6 different video conferencing options which are great for one to one conversation, conference call for teams, and others for live broadcasts:

1. Google Hangouts

A simple way to connect with Google contacts, Google Hangouts is a fairly good contender for video conferencing options. With up to 25 participants in free calls, it can be used for personal or business reasons. You can simply create a meeting in Google Calendar and it will provide you a link for the meeting, from where you can instantly join a call. The basic plan for Google Hangouts starts at Rs. 125.

Free Features include:
-Up to 25 video participants
-Video, audio, and messenger conversations
-Video meeting recordings
-Join calls using Google Calendar
-Screen sharing

2. Zoom

Ideal for anyone who is working remotely, Zoom allows easy set up meetings in your personal meeting room. You can quickly create and share a private meeting link with an individual or teammate to connect through video conferencing. Offering a video solution for desktop and mobile devices, it provides a wide range of scalable features. Though Zoom also provides a free service option, the basic plan starts at $14.99 a month.

Free Features include:
-Host up to 100 participants
-Unlimited meetings
-HD video and audio
-Private and group chat
-Screen sharing
-Scheduled meetings

3. Skype

The most famous tool used in many corporate offices for sharing information and files, Skype especially meant for small teams with total of 10 members. Simple and easy to sign up, you can make Skype video call from your computer or phone, and tend to have smaller group meetings or even 1-1 conversation.
Classroom tool of Skype is specifically designed for online education.

Free Features include:
– HD video calling
-Up to 10 people on video calls
-Video call recording
-Location sharing

4. UberConference

UberConference is another great option for a conference video call for teams and corporate. The free version limits your video call duration to 45 minutes and team member of 10 or less. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to do things like dial-in another person mid-call and mute a noisy caller,

Free Features include:
-Up to 10 participants
-Unlimited conferences
-Call recording
-HD Video
-Screen and document sharing

5. FreeConference

One of the largest providers of conference call services online, FreeConference is an ideal tool for smaller teams or meetings up to 5 participants. As there is no requirement to download the app before using it, the ease of use of the application makes it simple and effortless for the user. The services are made for all types of meetings with colleagues, family or friends. Participants can join ongoing meetings with just one click from any browser, computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Free Features include:
-Screen sharing
-On-call document sharing
-Up to 5 online participants
-Text chat

6. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is great for brands, businesses, influencers, or individuals who are looking to broadcast videos of events and functions while streaming live. Your followers on Facebook can participate in your live video through comments. A Live Video allows you to showcase a sort of content about your upcoming products, services or events and engage them effectively. As it allows your followers to interact and participate with your company in real-time, it creates a new level of trust and loyalty.

Free Features include:
-Broadcasts up to four hours
-Advanced scheduling
-Allows the audience to engage