In the recent past Twitter has increased its Tweeple base enormously. It is one of the best tools for brands who wish to communicate everyday with their priceless followers. Twitter’s share of voice has increased tremendously in the social media market, which is probably why you should think of promoting your brand heavily using twitter.

Use Twitter to update all of your followers about what’s new on your website. It’s such an amazing feeling when you tweet about a new product launched on your website and people start to re-tweet it, spreading the word. And that’s how slowly your followers turn into your customers.

Like Facebook, Twitter too has its own form of paid promotion that is Twitter Ads respectively. No matter you are a small or medium sized business, you can promote your business using paid promotions on Twitter. Thus it can help you effectively reach your loyal base of consumers using the share of voice that Twitter Inflatable water slides Canada has gained. Of course, promotions indicate investment of both time and money. As a business, you need to find out if investing money in Paid ads on twitter is indeed beneficial or not.

Here are a few benefits of advertising on Twitter.

Improves Traffic on Website

Advertising on Twitter is beneficial if you wish to improve traffic on your website. Also Twitter is one of the paramount social media tools for driving traffic to your blog. Your efforts on Twitter can lead to real business results. When you conduct paid promotions on Twitter, your Tweet consists of certain high traffic keywords, generated using keyword tools. The keyword targeting helps your brand by not just by increasing the number of followers on your Twitter profile, but also by driving traffic to your landing page.

If you don’t wish to target ads using keywords, you may also target tailored audience segment, or target similar interests, and use measurement tools like conversion tracking – all of which are delivering strong ROI to all Twitter advertisers. However you target, the whole purpose of paid promotions is fulfilled by the improved website traffic.

Marketers are more likely to turn to Twitter as a useful platform to drive tangible business goals like sales, leads and increased website traffic.

Comparatively Affordable

If you are often strapped of time and resources, you should opt for Twitter Ads for your brand. Whoever said paid promotions online is dirt cheap was dreaming! It involves a good amount of cost. If you are a small business and wish to spend on paid advertising, you can qualify for Twitter ads. Your followers are more likely to make a future purchase from your brand after they follow or interact with you on Twitter. It would be cheering to know that as compared to the other paid promotion options available in the internet world, Twitter ads don’t make you invest a lot of money. For example a paid Google click based on keywords can cost you $200 per click. On the other hand, Twitter targets using a variety of options, and reduces your paid promotion cost relatively.

Build & Own your Online Audience

Even more interestingly, Twitter allows you to get closer to a specific set of audience who are ready to follow you because you are fulfilling their needs and benefitting them too. You can target audience based on their interests. You can qualify the search as per broad as well as specific interests. Once there’s a lift in your followers, you can communicate with them using organic tweets and get to know them better.

Optimizing your Brand

Back linking your website using Twitter paid promotions, you can achieve the desired visibility. With every link associated to a tweet, you are optimizing your website. Though it may not receive the same number of clicks that you might get otherwise, this definitely improves the off page SEO for your website. This backlinking technique also builds a certain audience that has viewed you, and now has your brand’s name at the top of their mind. The recall factor improves significantly with visibility.

Increased Conversions

You should definitely discover Twitter Advertising for your business. If you’ve decided to promote on Twitter, you must ensure that you post a great content that enticed the audience and it becomes credible in a way. The amount that is used to promote will not just bring in visibility for your brand, but also increase conversions for the brand. A remarkable Twitter campaign can work wonders for the brand.

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