Besides their love of micro blogging, brands on Twitter have one thing in common. They are constantly trying to find actionable ideas to drive more Twitter followers. The more growth of Twitter followers, the more your voice is heard. And the more your voice is heard, the stronger your brand becomes. There’s a lot to buckle up for your Twitter marketing strategies.

Twitter has competently moved from being a mere 140 character tool to an interactive and smart microblogging site. Having kick started its share of voice on the social media platform; Twitter has become the platform for brands to be present on. It is important to exist on the Twitter platform and share this platform with your audience so that your visibility improves, and you emerge as a smarter brand.

But, being present is not sufficient! You need to increase your followers on this platform to improve the overall visibility. Here are 10 tips that can help increase your Twitter followers.

1. Target Influencers

Twitter is a prominent platform geared towards those businesses Inflatable water slides Canada just getting into the Twitter game seriously. We know you want to see your number of followers climb, and we want to help you! You will need to target these people, and develop a strong relationship with them in order to develop your Twitter presence. Having these people following you, you can enhance your brand’s Twitter image.

2. Tweet at Peak Times

If you send out tweets at peak times, it’s your big chance to engage them. Research has triggered the fact that most tweets occur during the time interval between 10 am and 4 pm. It’s the time when you should tweet so that you get noticed by your target audience.

3. Follow More People

Apart from the influencers, there are other people and brands that share similar interests. Try following them. This would help increase the number of followers on your profile. When you follow others, the followers on their profile get to know about you, and can begin following you.

4. Communicate effectively with the followers

Having followers on your profile is not sufficient! You will need to communicate with them every once in a while. Use Tweet Beep to interact with your followers. This technique will leave a good impact of your brand. Speak to your targeted audience. If you own a cupcake shop, your targeted audience is probably those who are hungry for dessert.

5. Master your Content

Make sure you have a prominent spot for Twitter and you must tweet about daily specials, new additions to the menu or suggestions of the ideal cupcakes to serve at a party. Informative, unique and interesting content is rare to find! Keep it friendly.
Try imbibing this lethal combination in your Tweets so that your followers never lose interest in you. In fact, content is the only way you can gain attention of other people and increase the number of followers.

6. Keep your hashtags relevant

Don’t use hash tag for everything under the sun. But, nominal and correct use of hashtags can get your relevant audience on board. People search for hashtags, and they might just find you.

7. Follow Those Who Retweet

Now this can involve a bit of research. Try following those people who retweet others’ content. With time they will follow you, and make your brand more visible through the Retweeting technique.

8. Retweet

Retweeting can be another source of engaging content. Great content reflects a great ideas, be it a funny video, controversial news article or breathtaking photo.

9. Share Content

If you don’t have interesting content by yourself, you can share some pieces of interesting content that top influencers have written. Some of the content should have relevancy with your interests. This way you will gain visibility.

10. Link your Twitter Profile

It is important to drive awareness around your identity. It can happen only when you integrate your Twitter profile to all the social media platforms as well as your website and blog. Convert people on your Facebook, blog and other places to your Twitter followers. It is a golden chance to drive more followers to your Twitter page.