Facebook has been constantly working on enhancing user experience, and by the look of it Facebook has succeeded immensely in its effort. Recently, Facebook has come up with yet another feature- the video centric feature for business pages, which will enhance the way video content is being displayed and consumed by users and owners of business pages.

Currently, this feature can be seen on ABC News’ page, but it’s been reported that this feature would be adapted soon by the other business pages.

The new feature resembles Youtube in its look and feel. With Inflatable water slides Canada this new feature, you will be able to create your own playlists and featured videos wherein the featured videos will appear in an extra large format. Like the featured posts, you can pin the featured videos at the top of your page.

As of now it remains unknown if it is a tactic by Facebook to make businesses upload video content to their business page on Facebook instead of uploading it to Youtube. Hosted videos are becoming increasingly popular, and with this feature, the business pages will gain more page views than before. According to reports from business page owners, this seems to be coming true.

It is definitely a wait and watch scenario as to how page owners will use this feature. Whether they will actually use this feature, and load videos and enhance the way video content is being consumed on social media will be determined once this feature reaches out to other pages.

In the coming weeks, the feature will be available to more business pages. You will see that the new design comes with features like title, length, like counts and view counts for all the videos that you will add to your business page. In case, you have not set any video as featured video, then all videos on your page will appear in a chronological order.