SEO brings in a surprise packet for us every other day. What SEO was yesterday, it may or may not be defined the same way today. Bing has redefined SEO specifically local SEO this year. But, apart from redefining local SEO, bing search has added a new feature Amber alerts.

For a while now, search related to missing or abducted children was not supported by online search engines or advertising. The reach that prompts out of online mode is high, and we know that for a fact as we have seen the impact of Facebook sharing.

Bing search took step further and added Amber alerts, a space where you will find the missing kids alert according to the geographical location chosen by you. The whole idea is to make more people aware of the missing children, and increase the chances of their safe recovery.

How it Works?

If you have Bing search installed to your internet browser, you can easily add Amber alerts to the search box. When you add this, you will get to know the top results for the location search you have made. This feature is a new addition for the coming year from Bing in a hope to recover maximum number of lost children from a particular location.

Microsoft has tied up with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which will help Bing issue the alerts. This will commence once Microsoft gets a go ahead from the law enforcement. This alert will work only when you are in the relevant location, or you have added the location as part of your search query. In case, you have missed out on either, you will not get the alerts.

Origin of Amber Alerts

Many of you might be aware of the fact that Amber alerts originated in US in 1996. This system was setup after a nine year old Amber Hangerman was abducted and later murdered. The full form of Amber is America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response. This service began with telecast of top alerts along TV and radio. But, with the advent of internet and the huge response it managed to achieve, it caught on to the internet.

Till date close to 700 kids have been found and returned to their families safely by using Amber alert.

How it Differs from Social Sharing?

For a while you might have noticed how people have been sharing news related to missing and abducted children on social media websites. So, how will Amber differentiate itself from such social sharing, and why will it have a better impact in the search operations. This could be bothering you!

Firstly Amber has been started with the main purpose of getting immediate responses related to lost or abducted kids so that they can be brought back safely. Second, Amber alerts have a higher credibility than social sharing. For a long time, there have been many social shares that are not real, and have removed the credibility of this platform. On the other hand, Amber alerts has been tied up with a national institution that works for this purpose, and the alerts issued are real. So, a huge impact will be definitely created through this platform.