Search engines are seen to be favoring local searches! Google has been effectively working out the structure for the local searches and waiting to boost local SEO services. It’s a known fact that local SEO is a huge market that has been waiting to be looked after, and Google’s Pigeon update is looking forward to do just that.

The pigeon update has been rolled out specifically for three countries- UK, Canada and Australia. With this update, Google aims to bring out practical and significant results that are associated with web search engine rankings. This update, specifically dedicated to web search, will enhance local SEO for brands.

Google’s Pigeon

The local search algorithm from Google, popularly known as Pigeon, was released in 2014 with an aim to enhance local SEO, and improve the ranking of local search listing. Along with the local search listings, this update is also said to affect Google maps and location based services.

With location and distance, Google will help brands benefit with better search rankings and highly optimized services. For search rankings and optimization, local directory sites will be given higher preference as against other services.

How will Pigeon Affect Search Results?

Pigeon has been specifically released to improve local searches. It is specifically targeted to improve local search results and help enhance local business. When the update was released, it definitely modified a lot of search rankings, but none of the features of this update have been brought forward as yet. While it will account for spelling mistakes, knowledge graph etc. and make search more efficient and effective, nothing about how has been suggested.

But like every other update, Google has definitely charmed SEO with this new update.