Video and marketing go hand in hand. Videos help realize the bottom line of every marketing campaign, be it creating brands, driving engagement and sales or improving ROI. How exactly does a small business benefit from videos? Well, that’s what we’ll be diving into here.

• Get The Word Out, Effectively:

Suppose you are about to unleash a new product or service. You have to get the word out on how your offering is useful and different from the rest. Infographics and text content do help, but cannot explain as elaborately and effectively as an explainer video does. That’s why 45% of businesses relying on video marketing prefer explainer videos to explain difficult concepts.

As any video marketing agency will attest to, animated explainer videos work best for almost all businesses, campaigns, objectives and budgets. At times, staged video with humans and props cannot depict, explain or showcase things they way animated videos do. Plus, animated videos are often engaging, entertaining, simple, affordable and nostalgia-invoking.

• Search Engines Vouch For Videos:

Per Nielsen Research, users on an average spend 15 to 20 seconds on a site. Videos give them a reason to prolong their stay. And when they stay longer, search engines take notice. According to MOOVLY, a site with a video is 53% more likely to achieve first page SERPs on Google.

Note that, YouTube is a part of Google. So, optimizing your videos on YouTube is imperative for SEO. Ensure the video has a catchy title and description and is backlinked to your website.

• Add Mobility To Digital Marketing:

Lately, India has witnessed a rapid proliferation of internet and Smartphones. Presently, 90% of Indian Smartphone users prefer streaming videos on their gadgets. Video consumption on Smartphones has upped by a staggering 233% in the past 5 years alone.

Not just millennials but Smartphone users across age groups are increasingly viewing videos on the go. That means the video audience is huge and growing. Video marketing thus becomes imperative to tap in the exponentially growing market. You can’t let go off the advantage.

• Videos are highly sharable:

Videos help drive engagement on social media, as your video marketing agency will tell you. YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all social platforms incorporate features to encourage video content sharing. Per a study, 76% of users are happy to share a branded video via social, provided the video is informative, engaging and entertaining.

Therefore, it’s high time for you to create quality videos and broadcast them to your audience.