Getting the word out is easy, quick and cost-effective with social media. Rather, around 88% of companies globally count on social for customer engagement and brand promotions. Unless you can afford to let go off the advantage, it’s time to join the social bandwagon. Here’s your crash course on how to exploit social media to the fullest efficiency for marketing gains.

Plan it Out:

As any Social Media Agency will attest to, well-planned social campaigns are likely to strike a chord with targeted audiences and deliver versus your objectives. At the very beginning, consider what you wish to achieve with the campaign – build brand identity, generate in-person sales, boost ROI, raise customer engagement or know what works and whatnot. The road map helps create, sharp, well-targeted campaigns in line with your bottom line. Plus, quantifying the campaign performance and making changes when the campaign is in progress becomes easy.

Figure Out the Audience:

Assumptions can hit a campaign hard. With volumes of data and analytics tools available, you can skip assumptions and ensure evidence-based social campaign strategies. The data and tools together help you identify your targeted audiences and analyze their social media behaviour. Use these insights to figure out the right channel and the right content for your social campaign.

Determine Performance Metrics:

Any amount of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are futile if the campaign fails to convert or drive any meaningful engagement. A data-driven approach, thus, becomes central to a successful social campaign. Stay current on clicks received and engagement generated by the campaign to know how audiences are moving through the marketing funnel. The idea is to measure the outcomes of the campaign and revisit strategies if the performance is weak or not up to expectations.

Build Channels Early:

If a new product launch is on the cards, build your channels early for maximum leverage. Create accounts on across all relevant channels preferably three months before the launch. That’s enough time to establish the presence and raise awareness about the to-be-launched product. Post engaging content that informs audiences how your product can make life easier for them. Plus, share your industry related info continually to keep your audiences interested and informed.

Approach Influencers:

Social influencers are industry experts with a thriving follower base. As any Social Media Agency will suggest, engaging them for your campaign is advisable for product and brand promotions. Influencers use their connections and skills to create a positive feel about your product, conversationally. They’ll help you create quality content that attracts and converts.