Social media is an essential communication and promotion channel for many businesses and brands today. Over 90% of marketers stress the importance of social media marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why many brands and businesses leverage social media for promoting their services and products. However, still many underestimate the importance of social media engagement.

We would recommend you to start using social handles to increase your communication and engagement with customers. Here are the five simple yet effective ways to enhance your social media engagement:

1. Use Humour

Social media is one of the biggest sources of entertainment for many people. If you publish social media posts that are only promotional and shouting out to buy your products, chances are that you may lose your audience’s attention.

Instead of a promotional approach, your social media posts must include humour and wit to entertain followers while increasing social media engagement at the same time. Come up with relatable, honest captions and witty puns related to your industry for better communication.

2. Create Engaging Visuals

Reportedly, an average post on Facebook gets 120% less social engagement than a post with an image. Therefore, you must increase social media engagement using one or more images. The visual content could be photos, GIFs, memes or original graphics. You can use social media tools like Canva and Piktochart to create interesting visuals.

3. Create Interesting Video Content

Just like images and graphics, video content is another most powerful way to enhance social media engagement. When you regularly post photos, adding videos once or twice a week on your Facebook or Instagram page could be refreshing to the followers.

4. Schedule Posts for Right Timing

Use an analytics tool to find out when your followers are most active online. After that, try to schedule your posts on the exact time when you’ve received maximum interaction on the previous posts. The goal here is to get maximum likes, shares and comments on your posts.

5. Use Trending Hashtags

To get more social media attention, you should start using relevant and trending hashtags. This will dramatically enhance your social media engagement. For instance, during Christmas, you may start using hashtags like Christmas Sale, Christmas Offers or Christmas 2019 to help your posts reach out to many social media users. Hashtags make it easier for online users to find your content and increase social media engagement.

These were the five most effective social media marketing tricks to increase engagement. If you’re not using any of these tactics right now, make sure to include them in your marketing strategy for better social media engagement.