All of us aware of Google as one of the technology giants and they are monopolizing the SEO industry for over a decade. How did Google attain this pinnacle of glory and success? From where does Google make all its money? More than 97% of the technical titan’s income is attributed to the pay-per-click advertisements on their websites. However, not all the advertisements they host were earning them high PPCs. If that is the case, what is the key behind their successful PPC advertisements? A lot of other websites and search engines had done extensive research on this subject to arrive at a single answer to all their questions – Ad keywords.

What are Ad keywords?

A keyword can be rightly described, as the soul of an advertisement, for it is that which attracts the viewer and motivates them to take a look at the post. These qualities make them quintessential for any online advertisement and Google takes it up seriously to determine on keywords. There are certain domains that get the maximum attention on the search engines such as Finance, Insurance and Medicine. The keywords used for advertising in these domains are generally in high demand and Google sets the ground for auctioning these words.

How does the auction work?

The auction of keywords take place when there is a high demand for a particular keyword. The selling of the keywords doesn’t happen only based on the highest bid but Google considers several other factors in its equation such as the quality factor of the bidder and the relevance of the ad to the user. The AdRank is nothing but the maximum bid times the quality factor. The CPC is also calculated by dividing the AdRank of the next highest AdRank below yours by your quality factor, which heavily penalizes bidders with low quality factor.

The most expensive Google Ads keywords

A lot of research has thrown light on the insanely expensive keywords used in Google Ads. Most of them fall under the domains of finance and law, for most of the world’s population seeks help in these areas. The following are some of the most expensive Google Ad keywords that fetch a higher PPC when posted on the internet. Insurance holds the position of the most expensive Google Ads keyword with an average CPC of $54.91 and is closely followed by mortgage with $47.12 per click. The other words that find their way through the top 10 are attorney with $47.07, loans with a $44.28 CPC and lawyer with $42.51. While all these keywords belong to the same domain, there are keywords from other domains as well that has made to the top 10 list. The words like donate, degree, conference call, hosting and claim also have a higher CPC. Apart from all these, the words gas/electricity also have a higher cost-per-click with $54.62

These numbers demonstrate how important the role of keywords for an online advertisement is. So, a proper use of such keywords could fetch a really good ROI.