Instagram is the current heartthrob for the social butterflies. According to data established by analytics tracking social media behavior, people tend to spend close to 257 minutes in a month on Instagram. Fashion followers are said to be heavy instagrammers and constantly upload, or share fashion related photos on their dashboard.

Instagram is not just popular as a platform to share photos, but also for its various filters and interactive collage formats. People love to doodle with their photos and create something new and interesting that gets maximum likes. Many of you seem to have found a comfort zone using which you can stay engaged on this platform.

Have you ever considered strategies in which you can boost the number of followers you have for your Instagram profile? There are many ways in which individuals as well as brands can increase the number of followers and have an interactive time on this platform. Here are 5 suggested ways to boost the number of followers on Instagram.

1. Share Relatable Content

This is true of most social media networks! You need to share content that you feel is relatable and will engage people in the most unique fashion possible. This is true for individual as well as organization accounts. Some people love sharing fashion photographs! Such photos display fashion accessories, some mix match fashion or even new-on-the-block shoes. These photos are original and are quite relatable. You need to post such content which people want to view more often. Original and unique are the words that you should follow religiously.

2. Nominal Use of Hashtags

Hashtags have become the norm of social media users! If you have been using social media for sometime now, you know how important hashtags are to get recognition and followers. If you are attempting to increase the number of followers on Instagram, add hashtags that are being searched and reflect the content you are posting. Remember, it is always good to use hashtags as nominally as possible. Don’t overuse the hashtags.

3. Follow People

If you want to increase the number of followers on your instagram profile, you need to follow people too! The more you follow, the more followers you will gain. Of course, you need to follow people and brands that you will have followers that can be your potential target. If you are known to post photos and videos about places you visit, and your content is more travel related, you need to follow people who have travel related interest. It is when you follow people, comment on their photos that people will recognize you.

4. Hold Contests

What makes people popular on Instagram is the kind of content they share along with the photos? Contests are the best format of content that gains attention on Instagram. A giveaway contest along with an interesting caption is sure to get the desired attention. Hashtag #contest is sure to make your content popular. The more contests you hold, the more popularity you gain. Contests are a way to make yourself visible on Instagram and gain more followers. Try it out!

5. Frequently not Often

You can post at anytime of the day! There is no time barrier for photos on Instagram. Make sure you update at frequent intervals. A photo a day or 3 photos a week should be good enough. Just like hashtags, you need to make sure you have set a limit for posting photos. Posting too many photographs can portray a negative image about you.