Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that facilitates a company’s interaction with existing and potential customers through the customer data structure. It works by using data analysis about customers’ history, compiling statistics from various communication channels, including a company’s website, email, live chat, and social media and marketing materials. Good CRM software also facilitates team communication and integrates with social media to support sales of the company. In short, through CRM, businesses discover more about their current and target customers and understand how to best cater to their needs.

For a digital marketing agency, CRM software helps in developing customer retention and acquisition with more leads. It helps in managing all the relationships of your digital agency whether for clients or client’s customers. It allows an agency to identify sales opportunities and manages its external and internal relationships.

So, how a digital marketing agency benefits from CRM software?

- Real-Time Dashboard: A CRM provides you a real-time dashboard, which offers your agency a quick and easy overview of current client’s performance using graphs, charts, and maps. Some CRMs even offer customizable dashboards that allow team members to track, edit, and manage projects in real-time.

- Relationships Management: An agency can use CRM software to keep track of existing users, possible leads, and other profitable individuals for the company. As everything is accumulated in the CRM software – from the client’s last purchase, business cards, to their phone numbers, customer management becomes very simple and feasible.

- Email Marketing Automation: With CRM software, it’s easier to write, send, and track emails. Getting in touch with clients through automatic email campaigns, email scheduling and tracking all becomes simple.

- Track Sales Pipeline: A CRM system also manages leads and tracks their progress through a Pipedrive. The potential clients automatically get moved through the funnel via email marketing.

To better understand the pipeline of sales and to assess the existing customer’s behavior you can use the following CRM software for your digital marketing agency:


A SaaS-based CRM solution targeted at small and mid-sized industry, Insightly CRM keeps all of your existing and potential customer data in one place to optimize your productivity. With over 1.5 million users worldwide, Insightly helps in building relationships, making quotes, accelerating sales, and delivering projects. It brings your marketing, sales and project management teams together on a single platform. Insightly CRM software is customized to cater to the needs of a digital agency. You will be able to build a crystal-clear image of your customers, their personal details, their needs, and their preferences.


Pros of Insightly:

– It allows sharing information with multiple users and brings all team members on a single platform.

-Assigning tasks in the Insightly dashboard is simple and easy.

Cons of Insightly:

-Sometimes it creates issues in integrating it with Google contacts.

– The limited data plan may have some issues with running out of space.


Nimble is a simple Smart CRM built software that works inside the Outlook Desktop, Office 365 and Outlook Mobile. It features team contact management, template emails, company’s business intelligence, and pipeline management and more. It provides a 360-degree view of your customers and leads and helps in organizing your contacts, building relationships better, and finding new opportunities to reach your goals. The software uses more than 150 social media connections and applications contacts to create an integrated management tool.


Pros of Nimble:

– You can create reminders to connect with customers at the same time you build your profile

-The simple installing process and automated features make the software easy to use

Cons of Nimble

– The email limitations in the lower-tiered packages could hamper productivity

-You can only integrate a single social media account of each type.


Not only for sales, but HubSpot CRM also comes with free tools for lead generation, email marketing, and even tools for everyone on your team. It is absolutely free to use, not just one time but forever. The particular software makes your work so easy that you can grow your digital agency by nurturing your data base. Additionally, the HubSpot CRM is a certified premier Google partner, which makes it trustworthy and reliable for use.

Pros of Hubspot

-It provides various free tools for lead generation and email marketing.

-Data reporting tools of the software offer monthly, weekly and even daily insights.

Cons of Hubspot 

– The search filters are not available in the software limiting an agency’s ability to find specific contacts instantly.

– To understand the features deeply, you must get to know the jargon used by the platform.


With the help of CRM software Pipedrive, you can make the life of your agency easier with more sales and more time. It helps you get more leads, sort sales in one place and grow more revenue for your agency. It provides 60 seconds or less customer support response time and is used by over 85,000 companies in more than 175 countries.


Pros of Pipedrive 

- It offers an integrated iOS app which allows representatives access to information when not in the office.

– The dashboard of the software is very comfortable to navigate.

Cons of Pipedrive 

– There is a limit to the number of contacts on an email up to 1,000.

– Sometimes the customer service is not responsive and delays to resolve technical issues.

Some other CRM software available in the market: 


If you want to use AI-based CRM software to lead score, email, and phone activity capture and more, Freshsales CRM is here for you. The company claims to have more than 15,000 happy customers who are using their sales CRM. By using the tool, you can connect with your customers across numerous platforms, and can improve your team’s productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Trusted by global big and small businesses, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a great decision for your digital agency as it will help you to support your customers in a rapidly changing world. Frequent updates in the software might help you find and nurture the right leads.

Trusted by over 100,000 teams worldwide, is totally customizable CRM software that manages tracking, leads and handles the entire sales journey of your digital agency. It also helps in retaining your existing customers by providing sufficient data to you. It allows your team to focus more on the work that makes an impact.

CRM software is essential for the success of any business, and as a digital marketing agency, you should plan carefully and choose the best software that suits your business model.