The online space now stands almost in the first part of December and is on the verge to say Goodbye to 2016. But before we let it go and welcome the upcoming year 2017 with new objectives and new mindset, we must learn from what all happened around the world and how we can learn from them to get the best results out of our business.

Highlighting the key aspects of what 2016 has made us learn from a Digital Marketing point of view and how Google, Facebook and other platforms are daily optimizing themselves for the good experience of the users. Here are the quick trends of the Digital Marketing world:

  1. The mobile world

The smartphones are getting smarter and smarter daily with features like Virtual Reality, Assistance options, Voice recognition and much more with proper optimization and functionality. The mobile market has sky rocketed in the year 2016 and companies like Facebook and Google are formatting better to serve their mobile audience with new updates from time to time. Along with the smartphone industry, the wearable gadgets are also gaining currency and have made a trend in the worldwide market.

With all these trends and updates in the digital world, the brands are also getting conscious and are going for options that cater to their audience better inclining to the upgrades in the gizmos.

  1. Personalization

When a brand calls your name, it feels good and the online world has optimized itself to the personalization factor. With content flowing into the internet space and new users benefiting from it, personalization has become a vital factor of the Digital Marketing world. The technology and updates are more focused upon the feel good factor of the user and on giving them a customizable experience throughout.

  1. Mobile App Marketing

Today’s world is the world of applications and mobiles have applications from simple to complex tasks of your day to day needs. The digital world is taking leverage of it and has become a hub of in-app advertisements which caters to the user when they are being absorbed by the app functionality. It is because of the fact that the users, instead of relying on themselves, rely upon apps for small to small tasks as they can be done more effectively and efficiently through them plus saves time. Time is money today, isn’t it?

Brands are focusing more on apps side and are developing according are the needs of their user and for their enhancement too.


  1. Multi platform Marketing

The users or the audience to whom we advertise are getting complex day by day and don’t purchase a product in one go. People now a days tend to look for more options of discount, offers, cash back and a lot more saving options and then buy a product they finally need. And the Digital Marketing has been a vital source of all these terms with offers and discounts all together at one place and that too just a search away from the user.

Now the user tend to look for offers and discounts from small to big purchases that they are looking to make on the online space.

  1. Friendly Purchasing

Brands now not only focus on giving the users only one option to pay by their debit or credit card but provide more options as per the convenience of the user. Now the user has become the king with the options of paying through Cash on Delivery option or with the rising businesses of mobile wallet.

Users are now open to pay through any means of payment as per their convenience and with more combined options of cash back and discount through specific cards, people are saving a lot of money through these options.

  1. Optimizable Ad Options

With new ad options provided by the platforms for Online Marketing, the online ads have improved a lot and thus improving the experience of the users. This improvement in the technology has not only helped the users but the marketers also for better execution and implementations. The more options of ads now give marketers a better way to optimize their ads for better results and engagement with the users too.

The Digital Marketing trends in the world have come a long way in 2016 and continue to optimize for the betterment of the user and enhancing their experience. But this is not the stop or is the maximum what Digital Marketing can do but a lot more is to come up in the upcoming years.

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