As we know digital marketing is evolving gradually and immensely every day in every sector of the industry. Traditional marketing practices are not as effective as digital marketing today. This is why every industry is shifting towards the modern approach of marketing to reach more people. The IT industry, food sector, travel industry, as well as the healthcare industry all are following the latest techniques to reach potential customers.
Digital marketing has become a key to the growth of healthcare services in the past few years. The industry is constantly pursuing the advance technological systems, a revolutionary medical specialty facility, and improved treatment, healthcare organizations are constantly seeking to provide a better quality of treatment for patients.

The health care industry represents a wide market, unlike every other sector. And as we know people have become more reliant on apps and websites for every service, the health care industry is no exception. In fact, nowadays health services consumers are relying heavily on the website to make healthcare decisions. This is why it’s important for Healthcare Industry to follow digital marketing and to keep the organization at the forefront of change, digitally.

Digital marketing statistics for the healthcare industry:

– Around 90% of people between the age group 18-24 say that they trust information shared on social media by healthcare organizations or experts.
– About 40 % of people have claimed that the way they move around social media impacts their health care decisions:
– People between the ages group of 18-25 are more likely to discuss healthcare issues on social media than 45-54 years old.
– Also, about 19 percent of those surveyed had health and fitness apps on their smartphones.
5 important keys to a Successful Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy:

1. A Simple & Easy-to-Navigate Website

For any business or industry, a website serves as the first impression for the organization. For the healthcare industry, a website can play a major role in the decision making of a patient. If your website is complicated and not so easy to navigate, you can lose your potential customer. So always remember to have the best user experience to be as easy as possible for better customer satisfaction.
Patients are already searching online for health-related information, so make sure to have a website that is patient-focused and easy to use.

2. An Informational Blog

With over 3.5 billion online medical searches on Google every day, it’s a great chance to present you in front of such a huge audience. Offer content that provides information, answers to questions, quick tips, and advice related to health conditions and problems. For blog content, you can plan your calendar around health months or other timely topics relevant to your particular service. Also, people find it really interesting to read about other patients who have experienced a treatment, condition, or surgery they are facing.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective means of digital marketing, especially in this case. Through sending an email update in a month, you can continue to educate patients by presenting them with the latest piece of information that they may relate to their own wellbeing. You can also send out your most recent blog post or can provide the latest news on various related topics. Healthcare email marketing is a great option for nearly every marketing plan as they are low in cost, the audience is completely responsive, and the rate of return can be extremely good.

4. Strong SEO Tactics

A stunning informative website, emails, educational blog posts are of no use if they’re not being found easily on the internet.

So how can you increase traffic on your website or a blog post? Search engine optimization (SEO), is a process through which you can boost the quality and number of organic traffic by presenting your content on specific keywords your audience actually would use in their searches. For better SEO, you can use keyword research tools like the HubSpot or SEMrush to determine the best-ranking keywords to use on your website and articles.

5. Engaging Social Media Strategy

Social media is a superb advertising tool to promote your healthcare organization. In fact, according to Infographics Archive, more than 60 percent of social media users trust social media posts and activity by doctors over any other online group. A strong social media presence and effective marketing can develop your reach to patients. A well-planned strategy to reach out to the maximum number of people can be executed through social media. The best part is that you can target the exact group of audience according to the size and location of your organization.

Digital marketing has completely transformed various sectors and industries. Seeing digital ads on social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on makes the audience aware of the services and organizations present online. In the context of the health care industry, people are becoming more and more aware and don’t just blindly follow doctors and experts. Redcube Digital Media is one of the finest digital marketing companies in India, helping push and advertising products and services across several platforms for different clients from health care industries.