Instagram is the next biggest social media platform after Facebook and many brands are trying hard to get in touch with the Instagram community to earn better. It’s not about the number of Instagram followers. It is about the quality followers who are interested in your product and are willing to buy. Instagrammers are more like shoppers! 70% of Instagram users go and search about their favorite brand on this platform. You just need to post the right image and see the magic; consumers will start soaking up your marketing message without the help of any sales pitches. Once the audience starts liking your posts they can be turned into potential customers. So, make sure your message should be strong enough to convert the audience into confident customers.

If you are a new bee to the Instagram world, do not worry. You only need to know the right way of Instagram marketing. If you don’t want to be a noob in this game, we have covered all the main tips for you.

Get, Set, Ready!

1. Set up your account:

The first and most important thing, personal account must be separate from the business account. Instagram marketing is not about you, it is about your brand. It should be only about your products and services; you must appear lesser on your business account. To attract Instagram followers attach your business website link to your account. Keep in mind that ‘your bio is the one and only place where the link is clickable’. Always remember to use consistent name and photo so that the followers can recognize your page at a glance. It works as a little thumbnail of the profile pic.

2. Create popular IG posts:

There is a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, why not to use this power for Instagram marketing? Get your posts more interactive and gain Instagram followers. You must strap up the visual world of Instagram and post your product photos that have the power to convert some sales. But you must keep 2 things in your head. First is avoid being hard selling to attract the audience and second is promote your product with professional photos and creative.

Use IG editing tools and filters to stand out in the Instagram market. The contrast and size of the photos matter a lot. Try to get images like “LOOK AT ME”. If you are not able to decide which type of image responds better, here is the solution; check in the Instagram insights. Believe in the visuals!

3. Number Matters:

The best ways to reach and gain followers is using effective and related #hashtags. Get in touch with ambassadors to share your brand and tagging.
Let’s first know how to use hashtags in the proper way:

• Brainstorm keywords relevant to your brand.
• Search and use trending hashtags
• Collect and mix hit hashtags and that too specific
• Create your own brand’s hashtag
• Select and run 4-5 hashtags complementary to your post.


4. Grab the engagement:

Doing posting is easy but getting engagement is tough! Instagram is stronger in terms of spreading the post and getting more engagement when compared to other social media platforms. Try writing active and inviting captions to catch user’s attention. And the perfect way to get great engagement is by running a contest. Audience love to participate in contests and winning gifts. Do it the right way so that promotion and engagement go hand in hand. There are some guidelines for running a contest:

• Decide how you wish to incentivize the winner
• Post an appealing photo of the prize
• Mention all the details of the contest
• Pick your winner, post and announce it.

5. Measure the success:

Keeping a track of your page success is essential otherwise your page would get plateau. The main point is to keep engaging new customers. If you are not getting it that means something is going wrong. Watch out your posting schedule, at what time your posts respond the most and make that time the standard time of your regular posting. Usually, 5.00-6.00 p.m is the most subtle time when you can get more engagement.
So, get on the work right away and spread your business all over the Instagram world!
Be Active and Be Prompt!

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