We have stepped in to another New Year and it has been always believed New Year brings new changes. Speaking of the digital world, Social Media is a dynamic industry. Every time it comes with drastic changes be it technical or an old idea that suddenly gains viral popularity. Here are top social media trends that any brand must consider in 2017.

Importance of Influencer marketing

One of the best ways to promote your content is through influencer marketing. It is expected that influencer marketing will continue to grow and will become an important part of the digital marketing strategy in 2017. Presently, many brands are trying influencer marketing and some are facing problems as it is not as easy to find effective and influential influencers. So, make sure you find right influencers that can really help promote your brand and can get targeted ROI.

Chatbots getting in the Marketing Game

Chatbots are a kind of automatic live chat that facilitates a conversation with someone. These are very helpful to improve customer service. Even Facebook has included them within Facebook Messenger, and brands are now using chatbots to communicate with customers for better understanding about their needs and perspectives. This tool is expected to change the social media marketing game in 2017 as almost every social media site is trying its best to engage people on its platform. So, get in the game and make chatbot your marketing friend.


Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a direct or indirect view of a physical and real-world surrounding whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensor input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Snapchat selfie concept brought the idea of AR into the social sphere. Pokémon Go turned it into a trend in 2016. So you can fairly expect the other social media platforms to go for AR in 2017. Mark Zuckerberg has already confirmed that Facebook is experimenting with augmented reality. They recently tried Masquerade, a live selfie and filter app for live streaming videos. Augmented reality is not a new or unknown thing but actually an old technology that was started to go viral, thanks to social media. While Snapchat has come up with numerous funny filters that are engaging many people day to day there is still to watch for more in 2017. And augmented reality is an interesting and unique way to interact with audience by sharing experiences.

Smart, data-driven decisions are mainstream

Brands are inclining towards the other technological penetration to help them be more efficient in the game of social media marketing. The social media tools are becoming smart and marketers need “smart” help to get as much possible organic opportunities. If a smart app can assist you optimize your activities and help to gain 10% more reach and engagement for the organic performance, how’s that?. For instance, NY Times has come with an intelligent tool that helps them to figure out which articles are more likely to post and promote on social media. One can’t just have enough time to publish each and every article on social media so they have to be selective.