If you are familiar with the term Instagram or Twitter and know how to use them then you might be aware of hashtags as well. Hashtags are considered to be the most useful marketing tool to increase the brand awareness and also increase the brand’s reach in the most creative way. You might find hashtags everywhere whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

It’s important for you to make use of specific hashtags so that you can engage your target audiences and in order to do this, here are some of the hashtag strategies that you will need to follow:

1. Call-to-action (CTA) Hashtag

The main aim of a call-to-action hashtag is to persuade the online community so that it can perform the precise action associated with your brand. Providing call-to-action is a traditional marketing concept that has been applied on social media platforms with the use of CTA hashtags. For instance: A healthcare charity may use a hashtag called “#talkaboutmentalhealth”, to get a conversation started on mental health.
To check whether a CTA hashtag is working well, you can search for your hashtag and the conversations and posts by different users on different social media platforms.

2. Conversation Hashtags

These hashtags are commonly used on Twitter as they are used to attract a greater audience who might be interested in discussing a common topic. They are also used greatly by celebrities when they are online and want to converse with their fans. If you wish, you can even start or promote your own conversations related to your brand.

3. Service/Industry Related Hashtags

These hashtags don’t have to be trending or even famous, per se. Generally, they’re not specific to your brand as well and are generic keywords related to an instance, industry or anything else for that matter. For instance: A lot of agencies and digital marketing learning centres may commonly use the hashtag #digitalmarketing to create awareness of their services amongst their users/followers.


4. Trending Hashtags

When a lot of people start conversing about the same topic on social media, the particular hashtag starts trending. Different social media platforms have a variety of different ways of showcasing trending topics. For instance: you might have seen Twitter has a trending section on the left sidebar where trends are showcased and Facebook has a different trending section on the top-right corner of the screen. These hashtags keep changing constantly. You should definitely seize the opportunity to promote your brand when a hashtag relevant to your field/industry is trending.

5. Branding Hashtags

Just like your signature, you should also think of a specific brand hashtag. It should be unique, short and snappy. This can become your brand’s social media identity and should be used whenever you post anything on any social media platform. You should also persuade your users and followers to use this hashtag in order to increase its organic reach. Creating a specific hashtag is also a good way of tracking all the activity related to your brand or even a specific brand campaign.

If you wish to increase the reach of your company’s products and services through social media platforms then you can’t ignore hashtags. They are of great use as they can broaden your content reach, help you connect with your target market, amplify your SEO and intensify your brand identity.

So, start using them to expand your business by branding your business and the marketing campaigns which would also help in making a wide content reach.

If you are unaware of hashtag marketing, then a Digital Agency can help you with that.

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