Snapchat has turned out to be the most youth friendly social media platform lately and the world seems to be taken by it. The craze is just adding on to more and more people getting attached to the ‘teen-loved’ platform. The popularity of Snapchat can be deciphered with other platforms inculcating the ‘Stories’ to their offerings. Be it Instagram, Whatsapp or Social Media giant Facebook, nobody could stop them from adding on the stories! But what makes us question it is that do you need Snapchat to push your business and drive sales?


Does the platform carry the potential, like Facebook, to market your service well?

Let’s understand the mechanism better and decide for ourselves.
Social Media has been a market where you see a lot of new platforms coming up. We have an app for almost everything. From staying in touch with our friends to sharing images to dating, technology seems to have covered it all. While some of the apps are a big hit in a confined geographical area, apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and Snapchat have made the world go gaga over it.

While we see that Facebook and Instagram(which is led by Facebook) are providing a huge platform for businesses to prosper, Snapchat has a limited opportunity for businesses to advertise and market their products and services. Perhaps the approach of the platform is to stick to the personalized notion instead of bombarding its users with adverts and promotions. Which also might be the reason people love the app.

As per the studies, majority of the users ignore the ads on Snapchat and the engagement rate of an ad on Snapchat is much lower than that of Facebook. Perhaps the way to showcase the ads is not effective as Facebook, which very subtly adds the promotional posts in your newsfeed.

The functionality of Snapchat might be a challenge when we talk about promoting ads on Social Media platforms. This leads us to the next question.


If you wish to reach your potential customers through Snapchat, what’s the way out and is it worth it?

Also, the craze for the app seems contemporary as compared to the long lasting platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With the inclusion of ‘Stories’ feature on Facebook and Instagram, this might affect the popularity of Snapchat since it’s the USP and the approach that made it different from others. Also stating the fact that a much wider audience is on Facebook and Instagram, getting them on Snapchat can get even tougher now.


Is there any hope?

Well, the answer is that anything that has a potential number of buyers has a hope of making your business prosper. To say that Snapchat is not worthy of promoting businesses would be delusional. Some online studies state that Snapchat had 161 million active users in the last quarter of 2016 and the users visited as many as 18 times a day! Well, you can do the math yourself! With almost 10,000 snaps being shared every second, your business surely stands a chance to be promoted on Snapchat.


 The focus should be how to get the best out of the platform.

Some features in snapchat make it better than other platforms. For example, the personalized stickers, drawing tools and personalized captions are the features which are a big hit amongst the users. So to make yourself more loved and popular amongst the major audience, putting these features to their best use can be an engaging move. Also engaging the users by making them a part of live events like a new product launch or a new store opening, you can actively engage with the users.

Keeping in mind that Snapchat is still loved by the youth massively, one can’t and shouldn’t ignore the platform and try to use it in its most potential way. We are hoping that Snapchat has a lot more in store for the users as well as the brand and make it huge in the market. Till then, keep snap chatting!

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